A Mermaid’s Breasts

Written by on 07/11/2013 in Erotica

This is one of my favorite free sexy stories. Maybe it’s just because I adore mermaids! –Peaches.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck a mermaid?

Don’t bother, it’s just not that interesting. In fact, it’s kind of impossible. Let’s face it, we’re shaped like fish down there; we are not designed for normal human sex. Believe me, I wish it were different. You sailors and fishermen might fantasize about capturing one of us in a net and having your way with us, but have you ever truly thought about how it would work? Well, I have.

Because guess what: we mermaids have fantasies too. We wish we could feel a throbbing dick inside us (in case you are wondering, mermen are no help). We wish we could have orgasms like land folk do, but alas, we are fish from the waist down.

But here is our saving grace: we have great boobs! I know not very many of you have ever seen a real mermaid, and the pictures you see of us don’t do us justice. Yes, we are all long haired and narrow waisted, our hips round and womanly above our tail. Yes, we are all beautiful. But it is our breasts that make us truly special. Our breasts are spectacular! You usually see us with our hair draped appropriately, modestly, down in front. You don’t see our fleshy globes with hard nipples, plump and pink. Gravity holds no court here, so they never sag, but float and bounce in the currents. And sensitive? Oh yes! Just the slightest brush of seaweed can send ripples through my body.

My dream, my fantasy, is to find a man, a real land walker, and meet up with him on the shore some moonlit night. I would first use my hands and mouth on him, get him slick and hard. I can almost taste him now: salty like the sea, with something new, a muskiness known only to land dwellers. When he is good and hard, and begging for release, I will take him between my breasts and let him slide back and forth. I can imagine the pressure as I squeeze my nipples and press him tight between, as the friction grows, we will both sigh with pleasure. And when he cries out and sprays his seed onto my neck, I will massage it into my breasts, enjoying the last few strokes.

But wait, he is not done yet. In my fantasy, he slides down and begins to suck on my nipples, both are puckered and slippery, his tongue swirls and his teeth nibble, biting gently at first, then harder. His hands move down and caress my belly, and then lower still, along my tail, as he fingers my scales, one by one. In my imagination I can feel my body shudder, muscles and nerves that I didn’t know I had are awakened. I feel warm for the first time as my whole body tenses. The pleasure is almost unbearable, as wave after wave of spasms ripple through my body, starting at the tip of my tail, which curls reflexively, and moves up toward my belly. My scales shiver, my muscles contract, and then joyous release, a tide going out all at once as an orgasm spreads across my entire body. His mouth on my nipples, the flicking of my scales, and the gentle breeze from the air I breathe so rarely creates the perfect storm, and it is then I know true bliss.

It is then that I know that someday, I will break the rules. I will go to shore and sing my song, and a man will come to me and we will lie in the moonlit sand until dawn, and only then will I return to the sea, my secret held tight to my breast.

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