A Whisk in the Bedroom

Written by on 06/25/2013 in Humor, Romance & Dating, Sex for Couples

A man's perspective on using a vibratorI was in a bar the other night with a buddy and we saw an ad for a vibrator on TV. Trojan is introducing a line of them and, apparently, advertising them at commercial breaks during ESPN highlights.

“I was with a girl who used that,” I told him off-handedly.

He turned to face me and raised an eyebrow.

“How was that,” he asked, the tone implying that the inclusion of a vibrator in sex made me less of a participant, less of a conquering man. I’m not sure why some guys feel this way, but I’ve always enjoyed the possibility of using sex toys, and when I was finally introduced to them in the bedroom, my imagination–and my lady–were rewarded.

“It was good!” I said. “Man, my dick don’t vibrate. And she LOVED it.”

The idea is interesting though: why are some of us men intimidated to introduce things like vibrators and non-fleshy body parts into the bedroom?

For me, the point is the orgasm. It’s the feeling of a good climax. I don’t care what means it takes to get there as long as we get there (well, I suppose I’m not ready to introduce another man into the room with me and a date, but I’m up for just about anything else). The friend I was with when we saw the Trojan ad is someone I consider intelligent, open-minded, thoughtful–why would he raise his eyebrow like that? What didn’t he know?

When I was with the woman and we were using the vibrator, I enjoyed it. I could even feel it pulse on me, I could feel the charge, and I saw how she responded: pleasure escalating in her face, in the sound of her oohs and aahs. I was thankful she didn’t have inhibitions about bringing it into our boudoir repertoire.

When you’re with someone, it’s obvious that you should try to meet their physical needs. The surge that comes from saying, “Yeah, I got her off myself,” meaning without using a toy or two, is great, but some women need the extra care. It seems like it’s easier for most men to get off than most women, so sometimes assistance is welcome. People are different.

And not only that, but using different methods, toys, experimenting, spices things up. It’s a new medium upon which to offer your unique style. In short, IT’S FUN. It’s as if you’re a chef and you’re given new pots and pans, new utensils, even new ingredients to work with.

If you’re not up for that, man, get out of the kitchen.

So I turned to my buddy, still thinking of the fun night I had using the vibrator with my lady, and said, “You should try it.” I took a sip of beer and looked at the TV, contented.

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