Al Fresco Frolics with Scarlett

Written by on 05/17/2013 in Humor, Porn & Industry, Sex for Couples

Sex advice from ScarlettFinally, after the worst winter I can remember, we have sunshine! I woke up my fella yesterday morning, all excited and thinking about picnics and afternoons in the park. However his first thought was rather racier.

“Great. That means sex outdoors,” he said.

Indeed, al fresco sex is one of my favorite things. The different settings, the feeling of air on skin, the slight sense of danger… they all combine to make what would be a run-of-the-mill quickie a lot more exciting. Not to mention the fact that the warmer weather makes most of us feel more frisky. It’s a popular fantasy for a lot of people, and the setting for many an adult movie, with some of the most popular being the car, a field/woods and of course the beach (though personally I’ve always found the sand a distraction). So I thought this week I’d share a few thoughts on how to make the most of your outdoor antics, without getting arrested for public indecency!

Sex is the car has got to be my all time fave. It’s a bit naughty, and you can make a quick getaway! Sitting in the seat–better if it reclines–with you on top is the most obvious position to go for but tends to get tricky when it comes to bouncing up and down and getting your heels stuck in the seat belt or banging your head on the roof. Instead of bouncing, try rocking or doing the hula on him. . . swivel or sway on his penis for different sensations until you find a rhythm that hits your spot.

If you really don’t have much room, find a secluded place and let him bend you over the bonnet. Note I said “secluded.” Don’t try this in the car park at your local supermarket!

Making out in fields or woods is very romantic in the height of summer and gives you lots of options, from making love on the picnic blanket to doing it hard and fast up against the nearest tree. Wear a nice summer dress with no underwear and let him know what you’re planning before you get there. Downsides of course include bugs, twigs poking in unmentionable places, and getting caught by stray hikers–always a possibility no matter how secluded you are. Trying it at night might be a way to escape onlookers, but I’ll leave it up to your discretion if you really want to go creeping around the woods late at night!

As for the beach, that’s a favourite fantasy for most of us, whether you’re on a first girlie holiday with college friends or an over-50’s! We all love a holiday fling. This is probably the trickiest option when it comes to getting away with it undetected however, and the consequences depend on where you’re staying. Don’t attempt this in Dubai. . . you could be looking at a public flogging and a prison sentence! Outside of Dubai, as I said the sand can be annoying, but a decent sized beach towel should do the job.

So what with the risk of getting caught, sand, twigs and possible sunburn of the buttocks, is the thrill of al fresco sex really worth it? Well in my opinion. . . hell yes! It’s that delicious feeling of open air on your bits, the slight feeling of danger, and the caress of that long-awaited sunshine on your skin.

Have a nice summer. . .

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