Blow His Mind

Written by on 05/08/2013 in Inspiration, Romance & Dating

Relationship adviceWe’ve all been out on the town with our significant others when suddenly our worst nightmare is walking by in four inch heels. . . the gorgeous bombshell. She’s totally his type and you know he’s looking. HE knows he’s looking, but is hoping that you somehow missed the girl and the glances.

Most of us would give a glare, become moody and sullen, or maybe even start an argument. . . but why not take this uncomfortable moment and blow his mind in the best possible way? Grab your guy by the belt loop and say in a soft, warm voice that only he can hear, “Would you do her while I watched?”

Now, whether or not you would actually do what you just said is far from the point. Articulating a potential fantasy will make you the coolest chick he knows.

Be prepared to reign in the green giant if his reaction is one of excitement or enthusiasm! Remember, that woman is long gone, and YOU are the one standing there with 100% of his, um, “attention”.

Of course, tailor your hot fantasy to fit your relationship. If a statement like that would be completely out of character for the two of you, he may react defensively and deny any interest at all. But say something that is bold, sincere and consistent. Keep the focus on the sexual rush created by this shared naughty moment and don’t get hung up on details. See where the conversation goes and enjoy being open with each other.

And the street goes both ways. Don’t be afraid to make a comment if a really hot guy walks by. Find a sexy feature he shares with your man and be sure to point that out. “Did you see that guy mowing his lawn without a shirt? I love how your shoulders look just like that when we’re in bed.”

Details aside, acknowledging the existence of base sexual desires that you both may have (however fleeting) for other people can actually be very freeing. The daily stress and anxiety of censoring reactions or dishing out “appropriate punishments” for said reactions will be gone, leaving room for an open acceptance of the other person.

Who doesn’t want the freedom to express their true selves to the person they love? Blow his mind and open yours.

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