Careful What You Wish For, Part 2

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Part Two

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A two-part erotic story by Olivia LondonWhen Jesse received an employment offer which involved relocating to San Francisco, the three went out to celebrate hitting several bars in Seattle’s Belltown district. After a night of dancing they took a cab home and it was a memorable ride. It was the three of them in the back seat and Joy was in the middle. Tanner kneaded her legs while Jesse massaged her shoulders.

“What would you like for a going away present?” Joy asked as the trio waltzed through the foyer of the Capitol Hill condo the couple planned to buy someday.

“A blow job.”

Joy doubled over with laughter as her man chuckled, shaking his head.

Jesse removed his corduroy jacket letting his friends know he wasn’t going anywhere soon.

“Man, if you let me help you with your finances maybe you could get some decent threads.”

“I don’t need clothes for what I want. I want Joy’s lips skating down my erection. Joy, you’ve been eying my groin for months. Time to deliver. Then Tanner can watch me fuck you.”

Joy licked her lips not even aware of what she was doing. In cars and in restaurants she had let her fingers “accidentally” graze Jesse’s thighs and forearms only to think about it while masturbating later.

Tanner reached under his girlfriend’s shimmery tank top, unsnapped her bra and cupped her breasts while vigorously pinching her nipples.

“He is moving out of state,” Tanner whispered in his lover’s ear. A prompt or a promise he’d forgive her for wanting to suck the cock of another man?

Joy succumbed to temptation and unzipped Jesse’s fly. She was about to bend down when Jesse caressed the leather skirt hugging her hips.

“Get completely naked before you suck me.”

She did as she was told and was instantly dizzy with arousal. She couldn’t believe this was happening yet somehow it seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

She got down on her knees and licked Jesse’s balls before treating him to the best suck he ever had. Her tongue lolled over the tip for the span of an aria before her mouth opened wide to take in the length of him. Jesse pumped Joy’s mouth the way he longed to push his cock into her pussy over and over again and she had to grip his hamstrings hard to keep from falling.

Jesse enjoyed the view but held back. He was determined to fuck her before the night was through. He gentled her onto the sofa and when he finally took her it wouldn’t be in a supine position. No, he needed to ram his cock into her from behind. The plush ottoman was long enough to accommodate her height but it had no back so her legs dangled from either side like panniers.

She was naked with her cunt fully exposed to two men. And she wanted them both.

Jesse knelt down to lick Joy’s pussy but Tanner nudged him aside.

“That’s not for guests, man. You can fuck my girlfriend but you can’t taste her. She’s not an amuse-bouche.”

Tanner took over from there giving his woman the kind of oral satisfaction that made her climax without fail. He lifted her legs for better leverage so his face could swim between her thighs and she moaned in lusty abandon as Tanner’s tongue criss-crossed her clit with tantalizing increases of pressure.

After her orgasm Tanner fucked her. Man on top. Pure and simple this timeless rhythm of pleasure and purpose. Tan didn’t have to look over at his friend to know Jesse was stroking his own cock and waiting his turn. Knowing Joy was in for cock redux made him a great lover. He looked deep into her eyes and told her to scissor her legs behind his back so he could go deeper.

Post-coital bliss was short-lived as Jesse maneuvered his cock near Joy’s mouth. No sooner had Tanner pulled out she was sucking their friend’s cock again.

Jesse’s cock had reached its boiling point; he wanted in.

“Get on your hands and knees. No matter how wet you are your pussy’s going to be tight as a vault by the time I’m done.”

She did as she was told thrilling to the command. So much pent-up sexual frustration was uncoiling and she could feel it tickling her perineum and spilling down her inner thighs.

Jesse didn’t waste time and she reveled in the lack of niceties. She wanted to get fucked again. She gasped as the whole of Jesse’s cock-head and a good portion of his sizable shaft plunged into her. Just a little reconnaissance before the next thrust which made her breasts sway while her hands sought purchase so her knees wouldn’t buckle.

She gripped the sides of the ottoman while Jesse pumped away and he had been right. By the time his semen pebbled the cheeks of her derriere the walls of her cunt had colluded to make a sealed envelope for this invading marauder of a penis.

Tanner came round with a hand towel to dry his girlfriend’s bottom. He never thought he’d wipe another man’s splooge off her ass but he wanted Joy to be happy.

Happiness: that elusive gift. In order for Tanner to remain content in his relationship this episode could not be repeated. Once was hot. More than once was a lifestyle.

Joy felt the air in the room boomerang over every part of her body as she shuddered with new sensations. Awash with complicated emotions she left the men to take a long steamy shower. She wasn’t sure what just happened was real after fantasizing about three-ways for so long. But when she soaped her belly and deliciously sore mound she knew what transpired was indeed real.

She closed her eyes and let the water pelt her skin as she relived every moment wishing she could press a rewind button and make all that sex happen again.

She took her time drying her hair and applying a Fuck Me Again shade of red lipstick. Tanner always loved the way Joy’s dark brown mane curled and flipped just under her shoulder blades. The amber highlights she added recently sparkled like bling.

Slipping her arms into the sleeves of a diaphanous silk robe which caught on her taut nipples Joy had never been so besotted with life.

This is living, she thought. Living and fucking. While she preached healthy eating in her books, blog posts and classes Joy would not apologize for her prodigious sexual appetite.

When she returned to the living room Jesse was gone. Tanner hugged her so tightly she feared she’d unravel in his arms.

“You’ve had your fun,” Tan said, kissing her temple. His lips slid along the delicate edge of her cheekbone before he took her face in his warm hands. “From now on it’s just us.”

“Oh. Okay.” She was stunned. Was she never to see Jesse again? She thought all the glossy magazine studies had proven you could be friends with a fuckable person of the opposite sex.

The next evening over a romantic dinner Tanner asked his girlfriend to marry him. For the past few years Tan had been shaving his head and the look suited him. Now, over a plate of bow tie pasta, with this proposal hovering over them like mistletoe all Joy could think of was the gorgeous contrast between her bald man’s head between her thighs while Jesse quickly darted his fingers through his longish black locks before reaching for his own cock to stroke.

“Is that a No?” Tanner asked, incredulously.

Joy took her man’s hands in his. “Tan, I love you with all my heart and soul. I’m just not sure about the institution of marriage.”

“Fuck institutions!” Tanner roared. “It’s not every day a woman gets a proposal. In another five years you won’t have the option of being so picky.”

And that attitude right there was why Joy didn’t jump at the offer.

She had promised Tanner not to call Jesse again before he left Seattle and she hadn’t. The devil-may-care man of letters surprised her one day at work.

“Joy! It’s so great to hear your voice.”

“Jesse! Where are you?”

“In San Francisco. Tanner asked me not to contact you again. After all those months lubricating our friendship he finally realized I was after his girl. That’s the thing about number crunchers. They can figure out spread sheets quick enough but they suck at sussing out women.”

Joy sighed and closed the book she had been reading. “And you think you have me figured out, Jess?”

Jesse answered her question by describing his condo on Telegraph Hill, telling her how much she would love it. The restaurants he’d take her to and the plays they’d see together. There would be no end to their promising future. The kind of work she did could easily translate to a new locale. He’d send her a ticket soon as she was packed and ready.

“We could get married in the Catholic Church if you want. Or if you want to go non-traditional that’s okay, too.”

He let a moment pass before adding, “And, Joy. I’ll never take you for granted.”

“Jesse, please tell me you’re not proposing to me over the phone.”

“Well, I can’t very well go down on one knee in your living room with Tanner channel-surfing from the sofa, can I?”

When they finished talking–with Joy promising to at least consider Jesse’s offer–she felt faint. She realized she hadn’t eaten anything all day but it was more than just that. She wondered how many women wrote “think about two marriage proposals” on their daily To Do lists.

That night she had a curious dream. She walked into a coffee shop where she discovered her sweetheart chatting up a college-aged girl. She bounded over to their table and said, “Hey, Tan! Can I pull up a chair?”

Tanner leaned back and regarded her coolly. “No.”

Joy shrugged and walked outside. She looked up and saw Jesse waving at her from a tree house. He tossed a rope for her to climb. She felt a pang of regret leaving the coffee shop but was sure she wasn’t athletic enough to shimmy up that rope. The tree house was high in the sky.

She woke in a cold sweat and removed Tanner’s arm from her torso so she could make breakfast and get an early start. She loved the way he spooned with her every night.

His habits were endearing and familiar. What would she do without her Tanner?

She quietly left the condo without waking her boyfriend. She couldn’t bear to face him. Not until she could countenance her heart.

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