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  1. sexy Halloween costume ideas

    Sexy Halloween Costumes

    10/01/2013 | Peaches

    I love Halloween! We’ll be sharing spooky, sexy stories all month to make sure you have a titillating October. Here are some sexy Halloween costumes and ideas that a bit more unique than the latex stuff available in the big box stores (not that we have anything against latex, but those skimpy nurse outfits can […]

  2. Vibrating bullet review

    Toy Review: Lila Vibrating Bullet

    08/07/2013 | Madison Einhart

    Review of Dr. Laura Berman Lila Vibrating Bullet . I met Lila by accident, back when I was in college. Somehow, the “Dr. Laura Berman” at the front of her name made her seem a little less intimidating; I mean, she was doctor recommended. Well, okay, maybe my doctor didn’t recommend her, but for an […]

  3. The Surrender by Toni Bentley

    Book Review of “The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir” by Toni Bentley

    07/23/2013 | Faye With a Knee

    Since her retirement from the New York City Ballet, Toni Bentley has gone on to author several books detailing her personal experience with dance, love and life. Her newest addition, The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir, is a humorous and honest look at one woman’s accidental discovery of spiritual enlightenment through a specific type of sexual […]

  4. 800px-Erika_lust

    Does Porn for Women Exist?

    07/12/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Porn is no longer the guilty secret of single, unattractive men or furtive, frustrated husbands. There’s a whole genre of adult films and sites now devoted to female friendly porn. With recent studies and the boom in erotic romance novels–so-called “mommy porn”–showing that women are just as eager as men for some erotic stimulation, you […]

  5. 41469rnIgaL._SY300_

    Now Reading: Wicked Games

    07/10/2013 | Peaches

    Let’s talk about literature! Okay, maybe not Dickens, but how about a hot new erotic novel from Kelly Lawrence called Wicked Games. Lawrence has written a few shorter stories but this is her first full-length novel. It’s anything but amateur; this is a sexy and romantic tale written with a disciplined attention to detail. Very […]

  6. Eden Fantasys sex toy site review

    A Sex Toy Site Worth Visiting

    06/05/2013 | Euphoria Welty

    Adult toy stores have a bad rap. Retail outlets, quite unfairly in many cases, are perceived as being dimly lit, sticky-floored nightmares populated by heavy-breathing trench-coat wearers. Also, unless you live in a large urban area, you’re unlikely to have access to any sex positive stores. Therefore, online toy shopping has become a boon for […]

  7. Wedding photos by James Rouse

    Stuff We Love, for Summer

    05/23/2013 | Peaches

    I asked my beloved pinner to create a Peaches Pinterest board of ideas for quirky brides. While doing so she found a wonderful site called Offbeat Bride, run by a fellow Seattleite. It’s chock-a-block full of interesting, unique and personal ideas for a nontraditional wedding. This photo is from this post and taken by James […]

  8. Ruben Toledo illustration

    The Bombshell Manual of Style

    04/04/2013 | Peaches

    I’ve carried this book around with me for more than ten years, back and forth from the West Coast to the East Coast (and back. . . and back again). I’ve given it as a gift a few times. It contains a message that, as far as I’m concerned, cannot be repeated often enough to […]

  9. APONLINEfinal

    Stuff We Love

    03/28/2013 | Peaches

    People worth visiting this Thursday afternoon (plus a couple of ridiculously cute kittens, because what the hey, we all need some cute now and then). Tess Fowler’s art Wassabassco Burlesque’s Tumblr Molly Crabapple’s musings Lyla Sinclair’s erotica Pusheen the cat Veronica Varlow’s diary River of Romansk dresses Graceland Hair & Tattoo, Brooklyn NY Ben Torode’s […]

  10. Burlesque Style

    Sexy Etsy Style Roundup

    03/14/2013 | Peaches

    I’ve considered Etsy my go-to for jewelry, antiques and creative gifts for years. But it’s also a great source for creative fashion options. As I mentioned last week, it’s time to start baring some skin–even if, like me, you live where the weather isn’t quite conducive to halter tops. Still, you can always show a […]

  11. soulless

    Steamy to Steampunk: Five Juicy Reads

    03/13/2013 | Tracy Kaply

    The other day I was browsing through my Kindle, a task I try to do every month, so I can clear out the books I have already finished. That way I can easily find the new stuff. An electronic To Be Read list, if you will. So I was extremely prepared when I was asked […]

  12. free desktop wallpaper from Uvudu Imaging

    Sexy Dames from Nashville

    03/07/2013 | Uvudu Imaging

    To follow up on yesterday’s article about taking a burlesque class, here are some inspiring pin-up photos of burlesque performers and models, taken by husband-and-wife photography team King and Kallisto, aka Uvudu Imaging. The free desktop wallpaper version of each image can be found by clicking the image itself.

  13. 303112_10150299647082330_221371900_n

    Tone up for Spring! Take a Burlesque Class

    03/06/2013 | Peaches

    The most fun way to build up confidence for warm-weather wear. Includes suggestions for schools and videos.

  14. 1681706_10736765_b

    Art Up: Prints You Need

    02/27/2013 | Peaches

    Support artists directly by choosing affordable, sensational prints to jazz up your abode.