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  1. sex toys

    Using Sex Toys with Your Partner

    10/04/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Sex toys for girls are de rigeur. Ever since Carrie from Sex and the City extolled the virtues of the Rampant Rabbit every modern girl is pretty much expected to own a vibrator. And though sex toys for straight guys are increasing in popularity, many men still feel slightly uncomfortable about the idea. Which seems […]

  2. Does the size of his cock matter?

    Does His Size Matter?

    09/27/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Does it? As much as we try to reassure our men it doesn’t, I’m still a bit unsure about this one. Having slept with some rather well-endowed male performers, there’s no doubt that a big willy can be a big turn on, if only because of the idea of it. In practical terms, there’s nothing […]

  3. Nipple clamps

    Nipple Play

    09/20/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    I know a lot of women profess to get little out of nipple play. We all have differing degrees of sensitivity in this area, so for some women this indeed may be true, but I suspect in many cases the problem in fact lies with insensitive male techniques such as the one I like to […]

  4. Nipple clamps

    Bend Over, Boyfriend!

    08/23/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Ever fancied getting a taste of what it’s like on the other side? Once considered extremely taboo and rarely mentioned even in sex guides, anally penetrating your boyfriend is currently in vogue, at least if Google is to be believed, and the act has even acquired the hilarious term “BOB-ing,” with the acronym standing for […]

  5. BDSM spanking tips

    Hanky Spanky

    08/16/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Fetishes have become massively popular, encouraging couples to try new things and expand their use of sex toys beyond the traditional use of vibrators and dildos. In Fifty Shades the female character is introduced to bondage, exotic sex toys, and the erotic power of female masturbation. A bit of kink is fast becoming the norm. […]

  6. Deep throat techniques

    A Quick Guide to Deep Throat

    08/09/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Men, being the strange creatures that they are, often rate deep-throat oral to be a major fantasy of theirs, in spite of the fact that the most sensitive part of their penis is the glans. Nevertheless, watching their whole willy disappear into their girlfriend’s mouth remains in most men’s top ten turn-ons. If you know […]

  7. How to tie a "cat's paw" knot

    Rope Basics: “Cat’s Paw” Knot Tutorial

    08/05/2013 | Whitney Fish

    Interested in trying out a little rope bondage? Want to tie someone up or be tied up but don’t know how to start? Have no fear: here is the first installment of our instructional guide to knots and ropework. Before you begin, make sure you read Anna Sky’s article on Five Ways to Have Safer […]

  8. G-spot and female ejaculation

    Female Ejaculation–Is it Real, and How to Achieve It

    08/02/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Here comes the science . . . in 1950 Dr Grafenberg “discovered” the G- (Grafenberg-) spot. He also “discovered” female ejaculation–large quantities of a clear fluid that gushes out of the urethra in some women when they climax. So it should be a done deal. Yet even though researchers have since confirmed his findings and […]

  9. erotica for couples

    Getting Out of Bed

    07/29/2013 | Lady Astrid

    Salt water does not make a good lubricant, and neither does sand. So when my husband and I got the brilliant idea to sneak out of the cottage one night and have a quickie down at the shore, I was ill prepared. Ow, ow, ow, can you wipe that thing off before you put it […]

  10. Make a home porno with your partner

    Make Your Own X-Rated Movie

    07/26/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Ever wanted a taste of how it feels to be an amateur porn actress? If you have exhibitionist tendencies, love roleplay or being on camera, then why not have a go at making your own home porn movie with your partner? Watching it back together afterwards can be a huge turn-on for you both, and […]

  11. Consent in Kink

    Consensual Non-Consent

    07/16/2013 | Anna Sky

    Imagine the scene–I am tied up and vulnerable, unable to defend myself. Stephen is standing there with a riding crop, bringing it down on my naked bottom over and over, watching the color change to a bright, angry red. I am begging him to stop, tears rolling down my face. He tells him that it’s […]

  12. Jake Uitti

    Slept Together

    07/08/2013 | Jake Uitti

    You’ve been in bed with someone. You know the close feeling of bare skin touching warmly bare skin. You know the embrace when you think to yourself, or even say aloud, that you could never have imagined how two bodies could fit together so well. It seems to validate every notion you’ve had of love. […]

  13. Man's perspective on sex toys

    A Whisk in the Bedroom

    06/25/2013 | Jake Uitti

    I was in a bar the other night with a buddy and we saw an ad for a vibrator on TV. Trojan is introducing a line of them and, apparently, advertising them at commercial breaks during ESPN highlights. “I was with a girl who used that,” I told him off-handedly. He turned to face me […]

  14. Intimacy

    Intimacy, or, to Ruffle the Feathers Lovingly

    06/24/2013 | Peaches

    Kevin Kline: To kiss a prostitute, it costs more. Meg Ryan: That makes sense. A kiss is so intimate. You could probably disconnect from everything else, but a kiss… Two people’s lips together, their breath, a little bit of their soul. (Stops). All I mean is that a kiss is where the romance is. –French […]

  15. Nipple clamps

    How to Talk Dirty

    06/21/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    We hear a lot about how men are primarily turned on by visuals and women by fantasy and tactile stimulation. . . but his ears (and yours) are erogenous zones too. I’m not talking about nibbling or fondling them, though this can be very nice, but talking to each other. I’ve never met a man […]

  16. Anal sex

    Bottom’s Up! (How to Enjoy Anal Sex)

    06/14/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    My boyfriend turned over this morning, spooned into me and whispered romantically into my ear. . . “Butt sex?” “Excuse me?” “Go on, we haven’t done it for ages.” Afterwards, I got to thinking about the whole subject of anal sex, which is nowhere near as taboo as it used to be, and yet when […]

  17. Role play with your lover

    Let’s Play Dress Up!

    05/31/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    I love dressing up. Most of us do, whether it’s for a party, a holiday. . . or in the bedroom. As an adult actress, I’ve played a naughty eighteenth century maid, a sexy elf (complete with wings) and even a nun (don’t ask). As well as being a giggle, it gave me a love […]

  18. 3504208

    My Journey Into BDSM

    05/30/2013 | Anna Sky

    You may see Stephen and me at a dinner party, laughing and joking along with everyone else. I’m the loud one, have probably had more to drink, leaning in to be part of it all. He sits more quietly, drinking, observing, only joining in when he has something to say. You’ll see him glancing at […]

  19. Nipple clamps

    Al Fresco Frolics with Scarlett

    05/17/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Finally, after the worst winter I can remember, we have sunshine! I woke up my fella yesterday morning, all excited and thinking about picnics and afternoons in the park. However his first thought was rather racier. “Great. That means sex outdoors,” he said. Indeed, al fresco sex is one of my favorite things. The different […]

  20. BDSM advice

    50 Shades of Play: Make a BDSM Wish List

    05/13/2013 | Euphoria Welty

    The runaway blockbusters of the last few years have put a spotlight on power play in the bedroom. Which, in and of itself, is fantastic. It’s a fantasy realm with so many possibilities. But all forms of power playing, from a giggling adventure with fur handcuffs and an ostrich feather, to the disciplined levels of […]