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A sexy re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland, this free erotica by Kelly Lawrence is sure to make you purr.

Alice in Wonderland Erotica“I can make you believe impossible things,” she said, and Alice could well believe that of her.

The Red Queen they called her, mistress of the dark arts, priestess of Red Tantra, she who must be obeyed. Clad in a crimson leather cat suit that plunged open at the front and clung to every curve like a second skin, with thigh-high black stilettoes and a slash of scarlet lipstick across her full lips, she looked every inch the queen. She turned her dark eyes on Alice appraisingly, her smile scornful, looking her up and down as if finding her wanting.

Alice had never felt so exposed; the dress they had sent her to wear had looked so innocent in the box, all blue and white frills, but now that it was on her body it looked anything but. Shoulderless with little sleeves, the front was so low that her breasts were pushed up and out, her nipples on display for all to see. Then a corseted waist flared out into a tutu skirt that only stopped where her pussy just met her thighs, so at the back the creamy globes of her ass were visible. There had been no underwear to accompany it, and Alice’s freshly shaved pussy throbbed between her legs as she realised how close to full exposure she was. The Red Queen smiled as if she knew exactly what was on her mind and stepped towards her, reaching out a hand and trailing it almost nonchalantly across Alice’s now erect nipples, causing her to emit a small whimper of desire before she could stop herself. The queen raised a disapproving eyebrow.

“Such little self-control? Now, that will never do,” and she gave Alice’s left nipple a cruel twist that was just the right side of pain. Then she smiled suddenly, and it was a real smile full of promise. She took Alice by the hand, leading her through the small round door and down the spiralling steps all the way to the place they called Wonderland. Afterwards Alice could never be sure that she hadn’t just dreamed the whole thing. . .

They emerged into a dark smoky space and it took Alice a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the light. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. They were in a large room, with red walls and black flooring, and a ceiling that looked impossibly high. There seemed to be a purplish haze around them, but she couldn’t figure out the source. She could hear low music playing from somewhere, a throbbing bass that seemed to be vibrating up through the very floor. There was little furniture that she could see, only a few couches scattered here and there. It was all very eerie. Alice felt slightly underwhelmed but also relieved, realizing she had been half expecting a dungeon filled with all manner of contraptions. A low murmur came from across the room where a small crowd of people were standing, obviously waiting for something. Or someone.

For me, Alice realized as all eyes turned to her. She was again achingly aware of her exposed breasts and her naked pussy that was only just hidden from view. She felt a sudden shame, yet it brought with it a rush of desire that left the tops of her thighs damp. She had agreed to this, had been looking forward to it even, giving over her body to the Red Queen for the night in order to learn the secrets of Wonderland, but now it occurred to her that she had no idea what to expect or how far she would be expected to go. Her mistress led her forward towards two men standing in the corner next to a black velvet couch. As they got closer Alice saw that they were twins, both dressed in black leather pants and nothing else, gazing at Alice as if they were intending to eat her.

“Which they might well do,” a voice purred in her ear. Alice whirled round in shock. She was sure she hadn’t spoken aloud! A man with a red cat mask and a mocking smile was close behind her. As she looked at him his smile seemed to get wider and whiter until it was all she could see of him in the shadows. Disorientated, she turned her attention back to the twins. They were, she noticed, almost ridiculously handsome.

“Dum and Dee,” the queen introduced them, and unsure if she should speak, Alice nodded mutely at them. The Red Queen ran a hand through Alice’s long, blonde hair almost tenderly, before giving it a sharp tug and barking an order: “Lift your skirt!”

Alice stared at her, then with shaking hands she lifted the hem of her dress, bringing her mound into full view of the twins, who gazed appreciatively, making Alice flush with an uncomfortable excitement. The man in the cat mask moved around so that he too could feast his eyes on her. He seemed vaguely familiar, but in the smoky, shadowy room Alice could not think where from.

The Queen snapped out another order, “Turn around. Let everyone else see!”

Burning with embarrassment, Alice turned, her skirt lifted high above her waist, her pussy now wet and swollen, keeping her gaze fixed to the floor, not daring to look up and see the dozens of eyes she could feel upon her. The queen nodded her approval, then with a jerk of her head indicated that the twins and the still grinning cat man should follow her. Alice was left standing in the middle of the room holding her skirt, watching her mistress mingle as if she had forgotten Alice was left standing there. She used the time to discreetly look around at the rooms’ inhabitants, who struck her as a truly odd bunch. Many wore animal masks; one rather fat man had aptly donned the face of a walrus. Still others were dressed as chess pieces or walking playing cards. . . the costumes were so bizarre and uncannily realistic that Alice found herself shaking her head and blinking, unsure of what she was seeing. Everywhere she looked she was acutely aware of the dazzling white smile of the man in the cat mask. His lithe feline movements as he stalked around the room, almost as though he was looking for prey, drew her eye irresistibly. The Red Queen, looking over at Alice, followed her gaze and smiled.

Do you want to fuck him?

She heard her mistress’ voice as though the woman had spoken aloud, although Alice knew she had not, and she stared at the queen, who looked as though she were about to laugh. Alice was dumbfounded. A sudden noise from the small round door–which now looked far too tiny to fit through, although it had been fine when Alice entered through it–drew everyone’s attention. A young man in a white rabbit mask had burst into the room, looking flushed and nervous.

“You’re late!” accused the Red Queen angrily.

The man shook his head, looking scared and stuttering, “No, no, it was my watch, my watch. . . I mean. . .”

The leather-clad queen held up a hand to silence him. He stopped stammering and looked down at the floor. Alice felt sorry for him; he was just a little late, what was the big deal? Or maybe it was all a farce, some kind of pantomime for her benefit? But there was no denying the poor guy looked genuinely terrified of the queen. Alice shifted her weight from one foot to the other and wondered if she dared drop her dress, her arms were aching from being held in the same position for so long.

“How dare you arrive after me? You’re late, and for such. . . ”

“-an important date. Yes, I know, I’m sorry,” he hung his head. The queen looked momentarily furious at the interruption, then an idea came to her and she clapped her hands in sudden delight.

“He can take Alice’s place! Alice, come here.”

Gratefully, Alice dropped her skirt and hurried over to her side. The young man looked bewildered.

“Go stand over there,” he was ordered, “And drop your trousers.”

Alice pitied him as he shuffled over to her former spot and began to fumble with his belt. His face under the mask was as scarlet as the queen’s lips as his white suede trousers fell around his knees. His cock lay against his thigh, small and soft.

“That will never do,” his mistress exclaimed and she peered around the room, her gaze alighting on a bar that Alice could have sworn had not been there before. Standing behind it was a bartender wearing a huge, purple hat and with a wild gleam in his eyes.

“Refreshments!” the queen called and the bartender, cackling softly to himself, emerged from behind the counter. A china cup and saucer suddenly appeared from his hand as if out of thin air, emitting a sweet smell that reminded Alice of raspberries and honey.

This place gets curiouser and curiouser, she thought in amazement as before her eyes the young man’s cock began to swell and rise, throbbing and growing until it stood proud and almost impossibly long and thick. A murmur of appreciation rippled around the room.

“Do you like what you see Alice?”

Alice nodded and then immediately wished she hadn’t as unseen hands pushed her towards him. The Red Queen followed, placing her hands on her shoulders and urging her down when she stopped in front of him. She knew what was expected of her and went down on her knees in front of the now excited man. She could feel the heat of his cock before she even put her lips to it, and he let out an involuntary groan of pleasure as the tip brushed her mouth. As she leaned forward, struggling to take all of his now huge cock in her mouth, she felt gentle hands on her thighs easing her legs apart so that as she leaned forward her ass and her pussy were again on full display. Yet she was excited now rather than embarrassed, and with one hand gripping the base of his cock she reached underneath herself with the other in order to stroke her aching clit. To her frustration the Red Queen saw and knocked her hand away with the tip of her boot. Not yet said her voice in Alice’s head, not yet, and Alice opened her mouth as wide as she could and slid her mouth as far as possible down his shaft, using her free hand to instead cup his balls which now sat high and tight against his body. He was rocking into her mouth ever more urgently and her lips were pressed as wide as they could possibly go. Alice could feel the tension in the room as the onlookers crowded round, eager to see. A young woman in a fishnet dress crouched down next to her and began to fondle her breasts.

“Now!” shouted the queen and suddenly Alice’s mouth was empty and he was cumming in thick hot spurts all over her breasts. A group sigh went round the room as if all had shared in his release, and the girl in fishnet bent her head and began to lick his cum off her, sucking her nipples tantalizingly and glancing up at Alice with a wicked smile. It was enough to make Alice want to explode herself. Her pussy tightened deep inside her belly as the girls’ mouth on her nipples sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body. Alice cupped her face, bringing it to hers and began to kiss her, tasting his salty juices on her soft lips. The woman stood, bringing Alice with her, then as she released her Alice flinched away startled. The fishnet dress had vanished, to be replaced by a familiar red cat suit and an all-knowing smile. The Red Queen stood in front of Alice with her lipstick smudged over her beautiful face.

“But how. . . ?” Alice began, only to be silenced by a well-manicured finger placed over her mouth.

Sssh came the voice in her head again, You can ask questions later. But as Alice allowed herself to be led away she knew instinctively that her questions would never be fully answered. All she could do was give herself over to the experience and try and make sense of it all later. If she ever could, that is. She was being taken now to the velvet couch she had seen earlier, which was no longer black but mysteriously coloured bright pink. The twins, Dum and Dee, stood at either end with their trousers straining so tight that their erections were painfully obvious. Would they be ordered to fuck her? Even as the idea thrilled her Alice found herself looking around for that deliciously evil smile; and she saw him, hovering at the edge of the crowd that was again gathering around her, his eyes intense through the mask. He was sauntering towards her, too slowly, and her breath was coming quickly. She was hot and urgent for his hands upon her.

Spread your legs, came the queen’s demand in her head and Alice sat down, spreading her legs without a care now for who was watching. Wider. As Alice leaned back on her elbows, her ankles were grabbed by Dee and his brother, one either side of her, lifting her legs apart and back over her shoulders so that she was fully open. She was spread like a feast laid out on a plate. She could smell the musky wetness of her own pussy and see the faces around her twisted with desire. As she moaned with sudden lust she noted the Red Queens’ look of approval.

And then finally he was there in front of her, his eyes devouring her. She reached through her legs to undo his trousers but he went down on his knees, not smiling now but deadly serious in his desire. He began to lap at her vulva and the motion was indeed like a cat as he teased her clit with a stiff tongue, his green eyes staring up at her. He pulled away as Alice’s orgasm began to build and she cried out in frustration. The twins held her legs further back, pinning her almost double, her pussy as swollen and throbbing now as the rabbit guys cock had looked after that weird drink. Alice was almost sobbing as she begged him with her eyes to fuck her.

When he did he was almost savage. He plunged into her open pussy and she cried out again, reaching for him to pull him even further into her.

Oh yes Alice, yes. . .
Alice met the queen’s eyes and felt a sudden satisfaction at seeing her mistress’ face flushed with desire. She lifted her hips as best she could with her legs pinned and felt herself contracting around him, pulling him in. Alice was close to orgasm, she could feel it, and when she looked into his face she saw that the smile was back, and knew that he knew, and that he was holding back just enough to prolong it that bit more. To make her scream for it.

Finally he dropped his control and started to fuck her harder, losing himself in his own rhythm. Alice felt waves of pleasure rushing over her, her belly tightening and ready to release. Her legs were free now and she wrapped them around him high and tight, grinding against him and crying out wantonly. It seemed as though everyone else, all the onlookers including the Red Queen herself were fading away into the shadows. All she could see was him, and even he seemed to be fading until only that smile remained…that smile and nothing else…and then the waves broke. Her orgasm came crashing down on her and she screamed her pleasure long and hard. She felt him release into her and then they were clinging together, drenched in sweat.

The room was silent.

Alice looked up to find there was no-one there. No one at all. Even the Red Queen had vanished, as had the bar with its strange bartender. All that remained was the couch they had merged together on and the small round door that actually looked now quite normal.

“But where is everyone?” she asked, bewildered, only to hear the queen’s voice in her head.
Well done Alice.

Alice looked up at her lover, who once again seemed strangely familiar, and she reached up and pulled the mask from his face.

“You!” she exclaimed, both shocked and delighted, and utterly confused. Nothing was making any sense. He leaned down and kissed her, taking her hand.

It was time to go home. Together.

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