Erotic Flash Fiction: Stop!

Written by on 06/27/2013 in Erotica

Please don’t, I never let a guy go down on me, it’s too embarrassing, too personal, too vulnerable, and believe me I’ve had men ask, and sometimes they skip the asking and just start to slither down my body and I find myself oohing before I realize oh my god he’s almost down there and it’s all wet and sticky and I haven’t showered since this morning before work and I walked to the corner Starbucks at lunch and really it was quite warm outside and maybe I smell down there because although I shaved my legs with the anticipation that something might happen tonight I really hadn’t thought it all the way through, and now we are here in bed together and your chin is just the right amount of scruffy that it tickles without hurting and maybe I could make an exception to the no cunnilingus rule because right now you’ve stopped just above and your tongue is so warm and your breath so gentle that I kind of want you to keep going but I’m just so self conscious . . . oh, you really are going further, spreading my knees apart even wider and ooh boy that’s actually your tongue touching me down there and it’s so hot I can’t keep still and you’re lapping and lapping and I’m actually giggling because it reminds me of a dog at a water dish and then I get this image of a dog down there and OH MY GOD that should have repulsed me but wow it’s kind of cool to think of something like that and who needs to know, certainly not you, not you of the scruffy two-day beard and the wicked tongue that is now probing deep inside and, wow, had I known that oral sex would be this much fun I wouldn’t have been so reluctant, I probably would have begged for it like the way the guys do and wow, that’s the spot, I mean the one spot, and mmm, that feels so nice, and here I go . . .  I can’t believe I’m coming so fast, it usually takes me such a long time if I get there at all, and, and, okay, okay, okay, that’s enough, I mean, boy, is that enough, I don’t think I can take any more, please


Erotica about oral sex

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