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Erotica about a sex clubI never did know what to expect from him. I sat waiting for him with a nervous excitement that brought my nipples to stiff peaks under the red satin of my dress. I wanted to touch myself, but knew he would know, and I would be punished. I hadn’t expected the length of black silk that he tied securely around my eyes before helping me into the car. As I opened my mouth to question him, I was rewarded with a sharp “Don’t speak!” from him, and I fell silent. Naked underneath my dress, my pussy already felt hot and moist against my thighs, and I shifted on the leather seat in anticipation.

I was taken through a door into a room with low throbbing music, guided only by his hand in the small of my back. I felt unsteady and disoriented. I could feel strange hands on me as I walked awkwardly through what felt like a crowd of people–hands on my thighs, my breasts, and my ass. Although I felt horribly exposed, my pussy tightened and throbbed. A strange hand grazed the satin over my breasts and I felt my nipples stiffening again in sweet response.

I was stopped by a tug at the nape of my neck and then pushed forward into cold, hard, leather. Hands moved my arms and legs apart and fastened them with cuffs. I realized with a shock I was being strapped to a cross, slightly bent over so my ass and pussy were exposed for all to see. I could hear men’s voices murmuring approval, and then the voice of my lover as a hand trailed across my ass, pushing my dress up gently.

“Whip her,” he commanded, and the hand moved, to be replaced a second later by a sharp sting across my butt cheeks that made me whimper loudly at the sudden pain. My clit and nipples, however, throbbed in response and I pressed forward into the leather, seeking release.

The lashes continued then, thick and fast, until I was buckling at the knees and crying out. I wasn’t sure if it was pleasure or pain, but my pussy was throbbing urgently and my insides clenching.

Finally it stopped. There was a silence, as if the onlookers collectively held their breath, and then I felt his strong body behind me, his thick cock pushing roughly between my thighs and into my soaking pussy. I moaned in exquisite abandon, not caring who was watching as he began to fuck me hard and fast, hands kneading my sore ass. I moaned and rocked against him and he pushed my face into the leather, fucking me harder and harder until I came, screaming, and he shuddered into me in turn.

Only as he pulled out of me did reality flood in and cause my cheeks to burn. His hands were soft now as he untied me and pulled down my dress. As I pressed into him, suddenly self-conscious, he caressed my hair and I sensed him smile. “Let’s go home,” he said.

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