Find your Best Angles–Sex Positions to Make You Go Oooh!

Written by on 04/05/2013 in Sex for Couples

Sex Positions to Make You Go OohHaving worked in adult films, I’ve picked up a few tips when it comes to sex positions, but the most important has nothing to do with technique or camera angles. Instead the best piece of advice I can give you when it comes to positions is this: forget about what looks good, and concentrate on what feels good.

Quite often in adult movies, particularly those predominantly aimed at men, the choice of position comes down to camera angles and what will look sexy for the viewer, with the most common being variations on doggie and woman on top. Although these positions are generally popular with both sexes, they don’t allow for direct access to the clitoris, and for the vast majority of women, orgasms are all about clitoral stimulation. Even if you’re one of the lucky women that can climax through penetration alone–generally through manipulation of the G Spot–added clitoral stimulation will make everything more intense.

During most intercourse positions you’ll need to stimulate your clit with a hand or sex toy to achieve this, but there is one position, known as the CAT or Coital Alignment Technique, that aims to reach your clit hands-free.

It looks pretty much like missionary, but he moves higher up your body once he’s inside you, and stays embraced, not raising himself on his arms. This brings his pubic bone in direct contact with your clit. Tell him not to thrust, but rather with him deep inside you, one or preferably both of you should try a rocking motion. You should soon find a rhythm that works for you and rubs you up just the right way. It’s also a great position if you’re after more sensual sex, or when you want him to last longer.

The same technique works in reverse too. Lie on top of him, wrap your arms around his shoulders to give yourself some leverage, and rock and rub away to your heart’s content.

For more adventurous hands free clit stimulation, try Scissors, where he is on top of you, but you are at diagonal angles to each other, with your legs “scissoring” each other. That is, one leg on the inside, one on the outside. Shift around until the top of his thigh is rubbing nicely on your clitoris. It might help if you hold onto his hip and rock yourself up to him. If either of you enjoy your feet being touched or toes sucked, you can even do this upside down, with your heads at opposite ends.

When it comes to sex positions, every couple is different, so ditch the Illustrated Guide or “How-To” video and take some time to play around and discover your own twists on more traditional positions to find what works for you.

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