I Kissed a Girl: Who’s It For?

Written by on 09/05/2013 in Inspiration, Romance & Dating

Girl on girlEver since Katy Perry’s admittedly catchy “I Kissed a Girl” rocked both the British and US charts, I’ve noticed a slightly alarming trend: women kissing other women, publicly and very provocatively. I say alarming not because I have any issue with same-sex PDAs (public displays of affection) or same sex relationships, but because the girls in question are nearly always heterosexual (or claim to be) and seem to be doing it for the purpose of titillating their male companions, and any other men who happen to be in the vicinity. It just seems a bit, well, tacky.

Certainly the feminists don’t like it , with Natasha Walker, author of Living Dolls, lambasting this new trend as yet more proof that women are becoming more objectified in the postmodern age, not less. To an extent, I agree, but I also think most women are a little more intelligent than that. I can’t help wondering if we’re not using the popular male fantasy of girl on girl for our own ends. . .

I’m no stranger to cavorting with other women purely for male viewing pleasure. (And although women may enjoy these films too, they are nearly always aimed at men. You know the sort of thing I mean; two heavily made up nubile girls rolling around while pouting at the camera as though they’re waiting for a big strong male to join them. . .) Hell, as a former porn actress I’ve done a lot more than kiss other girls. Did I enjoy it? Sometimes; not necessarily in a sexual way but because working with another girl generally meant we could gossip about shoes and men in between takes and go for lunch afterwards. And because shoots with other women were generally a lot less physically strenuous. But I’m not gay. I had the required college fumblings and even a drunken night a few years ago with my best friend, which was a pleasant enough experience but not one–much to the disappointment of various boyfriends–either of us have ever been much interested in repeating. Although I do sometimes fancy other women and have a long standing crush on Eliza Dushku, I’m not even sure that this would qualify me as bisexual. To be crude, the idea of never going near another woman sexually again doesn’t trouble me, but I wouldn’t be quite so happy to go without cock. Sorry, but there it is.

Yet it seems a lot easier for women to happily fool around with each other from time to time even while claiming to be straight. Women will happily comment on the hotness of a girl they find attractive–unless they’re tearing her down out of jealousy of course. I can’t help wondering if women aren’t just genetically programmed to be at least slightly attracted to each other; perhaps evolving as a way to keep ourselves entertained of a night while the menfolk were off hunting woolly mammoths and suchlike. It’s rare to see men displaying this kind of behavior towards one another off the sports field. Are women (to make a sweeping generalization) more naturally inclined towards bisexuality? Or, to quote Honey Boo Boo, star of Toddlers and Tiaras, “Ain’t nothing wrong with bein’ a little gay. Everybody’s a little gay.” Perhaps this is true of men too, they’re just less inclined to make it publicly obvious. After all, who knows what they got up to on those woolly mammoth hunting trips?

So I suppose what I’m asking is: when you see two women happily pawing at each other while their guys cheer them on, is it always just out of a desire to appear sexy and wild in front of the boys or is there, sometimes, an underlying wish to have the experience for themselves? After all if you’re bi curious and don’t want to go down the route of gay clubs and online dating, isn’t this the safest and easiest way of trying out your fantasy? While your oblivious boyfriend thinks it’s all for him, of course.

And what about those of us who are out and about in the clubs and bars and see this sort of thing going on? Do we find the sight of two attractive women kissing as a blatant public display offensive? Or perhaps merely annoying–particularly when we catch our boyfriends leaning over our shoulders to ogle said girls.

Or do we, secretly, become a little aroused? Answers on a postcard please. . .

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