Just Getting Started

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MILF eroticaTori stood in line at the local market with her cart full of groceries. The lines were long this evening. She didn’t mind. Her eyes were glued to the young bagger at the end of her checkout lane. Were she to admit it to herself, her heart was pounding in anticipation.

Jake had bagged her groceries for three years–since he started college–and only recently had he begun to flirt with her. She was hesitant to admit how much she enjoyed flirting with such a young man–at twenty-two he was more than a decade younger.

A few months ago he had commented when he noticed Tori’s wedding band missing. She confirmed she was going through a divorce, and thus commenced the flirting. She loved it, looked forward to it even, and often came for groceries a few times a week.

Jake had become an object of her desire. He made her feel alive, attractive, and wanted. He helped her to forget that most days she fretted about her age and appearance.

The line inched forward, bringing Tori closer to her favorite fantasy. Jake glanced up and saw Tori, giving her his usual heart-stopping grin.

Tori smiled, watching his young arms ripple while he worked, diligently bagging customers’ purchases. When he lifted a heavy case of soda into a cart, she delighted in the way those muscles tightened under his tight shirt.

He had beautiful blue eyes a woman could get lost in, a sexy mouth Tori wanted to smash her lips against, drink him in, and never breathe  again. She fantasized about being locked in his embrace, at the heights of ecstasy, her hands entangled in his tousled blond hair.

When it was finally Tori’s turn to be rung up, she barely acknowledged her cashier. Her eyes were only for Jake. They flirted casually, made small talk.

Before she left, Jake slipped a piece of paper into her hand that said “Text me,” with his number under it.

They texted for a few weeks. It started innocently but quickly escalated to serious flirting and some light sexting on Jake’s end. He repeatedly asked Tori for “just one night with you” and “let me show you how good I can make you feel.” These texts brought a flush to her face, a tingle down below.

Finally, one evening, as she sat contemplating taking him up on his offer, he texted the magic words she needed to push her over the edge, to commit to a tryst with this young, sexy boy.

“It’ll be fun, Tori. No strings attached, I promise. Just you, me, and a good time. You’ll enjoy it, I will make you feel so good. You only live once.”

“I’m not sure.”

“You deserve this. I want you so bad. I know you want me.”

A few weeks later found Tori standing in front of the mirror in her hallway. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. Her doubts came back to haunt her. Still questioning what a hot, sexy young man of twenty-two saw in her, what he could possibly find desirable. She took a good, hard look at herself in the mirror. She looked just fine, probably the best she had looked since her husband left her for someone half her age. Except her own age was beginning to show and the fears assailing her showed up in her light green eyes.

He won’t want me once he sees me without my clothes, she fretted. He’s going to change his mind.

She frowned at her reflection. A thirty-something mother of two, desperate for attention and affection.

Desperate to have sex, was her honest thought.

Excitement won out over doubt and even shame. So what? She was going to meet a boy who had been bagging her groceries for the last three years. When she had first begun texting him, she had not imagined she would find herself here.

Her frown turned into a genuine smile of anticipation. She would not allow him to see her uncertainty. She would prance to the front door when he arrived and strut her stuff like a Cougar.

What if he’s inexperienced?

Her grin became sly.

I’ll just have to teach him a thing or two.

At the thought of this actually happening, of being with Jake, his hands and mouth all over her body, her panties were already damp.

I need this.

And what better way to be validated than to spend the afternoon with a younger man she felt this attracted to? She felt desirable, excited, naughty, and liberated.


The doorbell rang and her heart began to pound in eager anticipation. “Hi,” she smiled, a little breathless and nervous.

He grinned as he stalked toward her. “Hello yourself, sexy.”

She watched him approach, heart pounding in excitement. So young, so handsome, so . . . All coherent thought was lost when he took her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers. She uttered a soft moan, relenting to him as she parted her lips to allow his tongue intimate access and melted against him.

Her legs were weak, toes curled inside of her boots, the evidence of her desire soaking through her thong. The kiss was passionate, heated, and elicited tiny mewls from her. His hands were in her hair, gently tugging, and then they were everywhere at once. Running down her arms, around her waist to tug her against him, and oh she could feel his hardness. Her own hands ceased to flutter around in a helpless dance when she grabbed his belt loops to pull him closer to her thrusting pelvis.

Moaning softly, she gyrated her hips in a circle even as his hands found their way inside her blouse to cup her breasts. Thumbs flicking teasingly over her erect nipples, first over the bra and then underneath it. He had unfastened it without her noticing.

Aching for more, Tori’s eyes fluttered open when his mouth left hers to trail soft kisses down her jaw. Pausing to nibble on her ear, his hot breath caused her to shudder when he whispered, “You are so sexy. So damn sexy. I want you so bad. I’ve masturbated to you for years, Tori.”

His words turned her on.

“So beautiful,” he murmured as his mouth’s ministrations moved to her neck to nuzzle and kiss.

Her shirt was off (when did that happen?) and her bra followed it to the floor, his hands and fingers already busy doing amazing things to her breasts, making her gasp.

Suddenly bereft when his hands and mouth left her body, she blinked open glazed eyes, keening softly, begging him to come back. Reaching her arms out toward him, he moved just out of her reach.

A playful grin on his lips, he shook his head.

So adorable, so sexy, she thought.

“I got this, Tori. Relax, I’ll take care of you.”

Deftly, he unbuttoned her jeans, sensuously sliding them down her trembling thighs. He caressed her legs, cupped her wet center teasingly, before kneeling in front of her.

“Brace yourself,” he said.

She moved her hands to the door and held herself up while he removed first one boot, then the next. Taking care to be gentle with each foot, he peeled her socks off and kissed her toes before tugging her jeans down. He ran his palms up and down her calves, just the barest of touches, all the while his eyes greedily taking her in.

“Better than my fantasies,” his voice was husky with desire. Fingers lingered at the edge of her panties, flicked over her clitoris once, twice.

Tori moaned and slid down the wall as her legs gave out.

“Oh no you don’t,” Jake was back on his feet, lifting her up before she even knew what was happening. Her legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck, his mouth sought hers out to renew their heated kissing from before. Locked against him, pressed against the door, his hands all over her naked body, while he thrusted his erection against her, Tori’s world fell to pieces.

She gasped and moaned, arching against him. “Oh, Jake,” she murmured, shuddering.

When she came back down from the heights of her climax, panting, still grinding against him, he smiled at her.

“Did you . . . ?”

“Yes,” she sighed. “Oh, yes.”

Jake grinned. “And I haven’t even gotten started.”

He thrust against her roughly, holding her against the wall, again and again. Her moans and gasps grew louder, more desperate.

“Come for me, again, Tori,” he groaned. “One more time before I start in on you with my mouth,” he licked her neck, nibbled her lips.

“Ooooh, Oh god, Jake,” she moaned. His words, his mouth, his actions brought her up and over the edge again. Gasping as she rode out the orgasm, she clung to him.

When the last shudder wracked her body, he carried her to the end table in her hallway and sat her on top.

“Now I’m gonna make you come again, Tori, this time with my mouth.” Jake’s grin was positively wicked.

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