Let’s Play Dress Up!

Role play with your loverI love dressing up. Most of us do, whether it’s for a party, a holiday. . . or in the bedroom. As an adult actress, I’ve played a naughty eighteenth century maid, a sexy elf (complete with wings) and even a nun (don’t ask). As well as being a giggle, it gave me a love of role play that, to my other half’s continual delight, has remained a fixture in my sex life.

Let’s face it, if you’re in a long term monogamous relationship, it’s a good idea to change things once in a while. Having sex with the same person all the time can get a bit, well, dull. The easy way to get round this is: pretend to be different people! You can create your own sexy alter ego perhaps, which will help you give yourself permission to act much naughtier than usual, or just go for some tried and tested scenarios.

You can even incorporate filming yourselves if you want to go all out and create a setting and plot. But even if not, role playing is excellent on its own for acting out your fantasies and making you feel like you are starring in your very own movie. You can be anyone, and as naughty as you like.

    Some common couplings include:

  • Boss and secretary
  • Bored housewife and handyman
  • Policeman/woman and arrested criminal
  • Hero and damsel in distress
  • Cowboys (and girls)
  • Your favorite celebrity couple
  • Strangers having an illicit one night stand (you could even book a hotel room)
  • Stripper and spectator
  • Escort and client
  • Doctor/nurse and patient
  • Driving instructor and pupil (a great one for car sex!)
  • Personal trainer and client
  • Voyeur watching the other masturbating in secret, then revealing themselves and joining in
  • Butler and maid
  • Master/mistress and slave

Let your imagination run riot. Dressing up as your respective roles will help you get into the swing of things and of course you’ll look sexy too. There are some really cute outfits out there for role playing, and they can be as revealing–or not–as you like. So set aside an afternoon to go shopping together. It’s a good way to have fun together as well as spicing up your sex life.

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