My First (Real) Onscreen Orgasm

Written by on 07/05/2013 in Porn & Industry

I was nervous as hell, there was no denying it. I had been working as an adult glamour model for over a year and was thoroughly enjoying it, but this was a very big step farther, my first adult movie that wasn’t a “solo” ie. me playing with myself, and for a well-known TV channel. I was primped and preened to within an inch of my life: eyelashes on, extensions in, tan perfectly sprayed and pussy shaved.

The film was going to be for a series featuring a well-known male performer, Seth, who would be playing the role of a personal trainer who of course gets to seduce his horny housewife clients. All very retro and tongue-in-cheek.

The shoot was at another actress’s house and I arrived slightly early, flushed with apprehension and wondering what the hell I was letting myself in for. Then I saw Seth. With a bodybuilder’s physique yet a sweet, boyish face, I couldn’t fail to find him attractive, especially when he smiled at me shyly.

“You must be Scarlett,” he said.

I nodded mutely, my eyes drinking him in. There was no doubt about it, he was ridiculously hot. But could I really get down to it and have sex with him on camera? I looked around at the photographer, make-up artist and technician, who were all standing around looking faintly bored, as if this was an everyday occurrence. Which I suppose for them, it was.

Seth smiled at me, less shy this time, his eyes flickering over my curves. “I can’t wait to get my hands on you” he murmured, too low for anyone else to hear, and I felt a tightening low in my belly. Perhaps this wasn’t going to be very difficult.

“Are we ready to rock?” the photographer beamed at us, and we went upstairs, where he quickly ran through the script. Seth would come in, and as I was lifting the dumbbells, he would reach around to touch my breasts, with the immortal line, “Let me help you, these are quite a weight.” We would then quickly move on to the blowjob, dumbbells discarded, then over to the bed. Oral on me, then sex with my legs on his shoulders, then me on top, finishing with doggy. He would then flip me over for the cumshot.

It had been my intention to stay focused and professional, to get the job done and go home; but I couldn’t deny the frisson of pleasure as Seth reached around to fondle my boobs with an expert hand, leaning in and nuzzling my neck and earlobes.

I nearly forgot my line as I turned around to kiss him–the wonderful “Is that a dumbbell in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”

“You’re wet,” he whispered to me as he slipped his hand into my shorts, going straight for my clit, and indeed I was. I felt myself unfolding under his hand, the mouth of my pussy readily clenching his fingers as he slipped two of them inside me. I was left disappointed when the photographer waved for us to move into the blow job. I sank to my knees, my shorts now around my ankles exposing my pussy to the camera, making
sure to arch my back and pop my butt out for the camera.

As the camera zoomed in I was conscious that my by now watering eyes would cause my makeup to run, but it didn’t put me off. Far from it; I was getting wetter and wetter, and realised with a shock that I couldn’t wait to get down to the sex. I had no idea where the sudden desire had come from but decided to go with it. I could hardly call a halt to filming by complaining I was enjoying myself too much!

As he laid me back on the bed and knelt between my legs he winked at me with a wicked gleam in his eye.

“I’m going to give you the workout of your life,” he announced, somehow managing to make the cheesy dialogue sound convincing and utterly hot. He lowered his mouth to me and a moan escaped my lips as he began to expertly suck and lick at my clit. I opened my legs wider and looked up at the camera provocatively from underneath my fanlike fake eyelashes. The photographer gazed intently through the camera, completely professional. The knowledge that I was being watched made me feel both ashamed and excited, and without consciously realising what I was doing I opened my legs wider, then looked up in surprise when I heard the camera man tell us to stop and change position. My body was by now aching for release; I didn’t care about camera angles or lighting or my dishevelled make-up, I just wanted Seth to finish me off.

He didn’t disappoint. “Fuck me,” he growled in my ear, rolling me on top of him.

He pushed my breasts together and swirled his tongue around both my nipples simultaneously, the buried his face in my cleavage, one hand tugging lightly at my hair. It felt amazing, and very intimate.

We moved into doggy, and as he began to pound me harder I was pushing back against him urgently, moaning loudly now with no thought for the photographer and his camera, or for those waiting downstairs.

The position was perfect for the tip of him to rub over that sweet spot deep inside me and I felt my orgasm building. For a few moments I tried to hold on, conscious of the camera and the fact that I was here fucking a complete stranger, for money, but these thoughts only turned me on further. I buried my head in the bed, my cheeks burning with embarrassment even as I bucked and moaned.

Unprofessional or not, I needed this orgasm. I felt all the stress of the last few weeks building up inside of me so that when I finally let go, screaming my pleasure into the pillow, it was the most explosive release. I was left shaking as Seth flipped me over and straddled me. It was time for that all-important money shot.

As we put our clothes back on and I repaired my hair and makeup, we were unable to look each other in the eye. I went downstairs to a knowing wink from the stylist.

Ten minutes later Seth was picked up by his girlfriend, leaving me staring after him with a trembling legs and a flushed face. He looked back as he got into the car, giving me a long, hard stare. I immediately felt guilty, as if we had just cheated on her, even though she was clearly aware of his profession.

The film did indeed look fantastic and proved to be very popular. I went on to a thriving career in the adult industry and learned the art of detachment; but to this day it was an experience I have never forgotten. Not because it was a good orgasm, but because it was the first time I had starred with a guy on camera and the only time I would ever allow myself a real orgasm on set.

You would think then that this would be my favorite piece of work I ever did within the industry. But honestly? For reasons I’ve never quite wanted to explore, it’s the only film I’ve ever shot that I simply cannot watch.

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