My Vagina Will Not be Judged

Written by on 09/23/2013 in Inspiration

LabiaplastyThe other night I stumbled across a documentary on the practice of plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the vagina. The Perfect Vagina is a British documentary starring a young mom who recently had a child and now questions her attractiveness. As a method of self-help, she decides to research what she feels is the most extreme form of female beauty regimens.

She focuses on a procedure called labiaplasty, a specific type of vaginal cosmetic surgery solely involved with the labia. It is considered a type of cosmetic surgery rather than a vaginal rejuvenation surgery, because it only deals with appearance and not the function of the vagina. Based on the commentary of the plastic surgeons who performed the surgery in the film, it can be inferred that you can do almost anything to the labia and still have a functioning vagina.

It was an informative and slightly humorous film, but it really got me thinking about one thing–how much focus do we put on other people’s approval of our bodies when it comes to sex?

This is not about the ethics of plastic surgery. I am well aware of the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing “good looks.” I have a lot of professionally beautiful friends. These women work as models, exotic dancers, and beauty queens. They rely heavily on their looks and would not hesitate to purchase plastic surgery.

I myself have even indulged. I chose to have LASIK performed on my eyes in order to reduce my dependence on glasses and contacts.

I simply can’t put labiaplasty in the same category though.

What exactly is labiaplasty? Well, it’s a specific type of surgery where you cut off the excess skin of the labia. Basically, if the inner lips of your vagina protrude outside of the outer lips, you can have them cut off.

And you would want to do this because. . .

I spent hours trying to figure out the answer to that question. Even after watching the documentary I still couldn’t come up with a rational answer.

Maybe I’ve missed it. Maybe there is a new section on online dating profiles where we are asked to describe our vaginas, or better yet, upload pictures. Maybe guys today are judging us on the shape of our southern lips as much as we judge them on the girth and length of their penises. Maybe there are more porn stars than I realized who have made a “neat” looking vagina an absolute must in today’s sexual society.

But do we really feel the need to alter the most sexual part of our body in order to fit some ideal we think men like? If we are doing it for guys, maybe there already is a guy (or two) for everyone that likes our vagina the way it is naturally. Do we really need a vagina that every man supposedly loves?

Better yet, if we had that vagina, would we share it with every man?

Are vaginas about to become as public as boobs?

For me, I’m completely happy with the vagina I have. It does a good job of making babies, most of the time it makes me feel good, and I happen to think it’s very pretty. If there is a man out there that doesn’t find it attractive, I don’t really care–he’s probably not going to see it anyway.

My vagina will not be judged. That’s where I draw the line.

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