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  1. thiakry

    Thiakry: Yummy Senegalese Desssert

    04/24/2013 by Nikki

    If you have never had Senegalese food, you are missing out. If you live in Seattle, drop everything you are doing this moment and go directly to La Teranga. Best food EVER. Sadly, I never have room for dessert, so I made note of the thiakry (pronounced cha-kree) dessert on their menu. I was quickly […]

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  3. MILF erotica

    Just Getting Started

    08/08/2013 | S. M. Bryson

    Tori stood in line at the local market with her cart full of groceries. The lines were long this evening. She didn’t mind. Her eyes were glued to the young bagger at the end of her checkout lane. Were she to admit it to herself, her heart was pounding in anticipation. Jake had bagged her […]

  4. Vibrating bullet review

    Toy Review: Lila Vibrating Bullet

    08/07/2013 | Madison Einhart

    Review of Dr. Laura Berman Lila Vibrating Bullet . I met Lila by accident, back when I was in college. Somehow, the “Dr. Laura Berman” at the front of her name made her seem a little less intimidating; I mean, she was doctor recommended. Well, okay, maybe my doctor didn’t recommend her, but for an […]

  5. Erotica by Kelly Lawrence


    08/06/2013 | Kelly Lawrence

    I never did know what to expect from him. I sat waiting for him with a nervous excitement that brought my nipples to stiff peaks under the red satin of my dress. I wanted to touch myself, but knew he would know, and I would be punished. I hadn’t expected the length of black silk […]

  6. ONE

    Win a Book of Sexy Dudes

    08/05/2013 | Peaches

    I recently bought a copy of One by David Arnot. It’s a coffee table book of photographs of male models in provocative poses. The book is out of print now, which makes this situation even sexier, because I have one fresh, new copy to gift some divine goddess. To enter to win, just share Peaches […]

  7. How to tie a "cat's paw" knot

    Rope Basics: “Cat’s Paw” Knot Tutorial

    | Whitney Fish

    Interested in trying out a little rope bondage? Want to tie someone up or be tied up but don’t know how to start? Have no fear: here is the first installment of our instructional guide to knots and ropework. Before you begin, make sure you read Anna Sky’s article on Five Ways to Have Safer […]

  8. G-spot and female ejaculation

    Female Ejaculation–Is it Real, and How to Achieve It

    08/02/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Here comes the science . . . in 1950 Dr Grafenberg “discovered” the G- (Grafenberg-) spot. He also “discovered” female ejaculation–large quantities of a clear fluid that gushes out of the urethra in some women when they climax. So it should be a done deal. Yet even though researchers have since confirmed his findings and […]

  9. Erotica the morning after

    Have to Wait

    08/01/2013 | Sophia Beauchene

    A free sexy story by newcomer Sophia Beauchene. Sometimes the morning after can be even better. . . Helen opened her eyes. It was daylight at last–a faint grey outline of things, a pale white glow at the edges of the curtain. She tried to move, but it was no good; she was trapped firmly […]

  10. wolverine

    X-Men and My Sex Life

    07/31/2013 | Whitney Fish

    The comic franchise X-Men has been like the Barry White of my sex life. It sounds silly, but X-Men has been in the background of a lot of my major sexual interactions. As a little girl, I watched the cartoon on TV and read some of the original comic books (yeah, I’ve always been a […]

  11. self-esteem when single

    Fall in Love With Yourself

    07/30/2013 | Peaches

    It’s one of the privileges of the single person to be stuck with oneself. Doing so will push you through many evolutions, or it should, if you’re lucky. I’ve been reborn a few times over the past ten years. Sometimes I wonder about all the people who got into LTRs in their early twenties and […]

  12. erotica for couples

    Getting Out of Bed

    07/29/2013 | Lady Astrid

    Salt water does not make a good lubricant, and neither does sand. So when my husband and I got the brilliant idea to sneak out of the cottage one night and have a quickie down at the shore, I was ill prepared. Ow, ow, ow, can you wipe that thing off before you put it […]

  13. Make a home porno with your partner

    Make Your Own X-Rated Movie

    07/26/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Ever wanted a taste of how it feels to be an amateur porn actress? If you have exhibitionist tendencies, love roleplay or being on camera, then why not have a go at making your own home porn movie with your partner? Watching it back together afterwards can be a huge turn-on for you both, and […]

  14. Hirsutism

    That’ll Put Hair on Your Chest

    07/25/2013 | Fay Luce

    “It’s enough to put hair on your chest,” women say about strong liquors and stout beers. Sometimes when they say this I think they are talking about me. I’ve smoked cigars, hunted, eaten haggis, travelled alone, chugged forties with frat boys, and slept with dudes from Milan who put their finger in my butt. Maybe […]

  15. Erotica by Olivia London

    The First Husband

    07/24/2013 | Olivia London

    Another delicious bit of erotica by Olivia London. Eat up! For two decades Moira had been a food maven, owning two catering outfits, a bar and a party events store. It was easy to focus on her career as she never could get the hang of dating. She hailed from a large brood, the youngest […]

  16. The Surrender by Toni Bentley

    Book Review of “The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir” by Toni Bentley

    07/23/2013 | Faye With a Knee

    Since her retirement from the New York City Ballet, Toni Bentley has gone on to author several books detailing her personal experience with dance, love and life. Her newest addition, The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir, is a humorous and honest look at one woman’s accidental discovery of spiritual enlightenment through a specific type of sexual […]

  17. Erotica about a dryer

    Spin Cycle

    07/22/2013 | Malin James

    A sexy new free erotica offering from Malin James. I have a fondness for dryers. Of all the major appliances, it is the only one I truly love. This is because I was sitting on a dryer when I had my first accidental orgasm. At first I didn’t know what happened. All I knew was […]

  18. Consent in Kink

    Consensual Non-Consent

    07/16/2013 | Anna Sky

    Imagine the scene–I am tied up and vulnerable, unable to defend myself. Stephen is standing there with a riding crop, bringing it down on my naked bottom over and over, watching the color change to a bright, angry red. I am begging him to stop, tears rolling down my face. He tells him that it’s […]

  19. 800px-Erika_lust

    Does Porn for Women Exist?

    07/12/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Porn is no longer the guilty secret of single, unattractive men or furtive, frustrated husbands. There’s a whole genre of adult films and sites now devoted to female friendly porn. With recent studies and the boom in erotic romance novels–so-called “mommy porn”–showing that women are just as eager as men for some erotic stimulation, you […]

  20. Sex with a mermaid (erotica)

    A Mermaid’s Breasts

    07/11/2013 | Lady Astrid

    This is one of my favorite free sexy stories. Maybe it’s just because I adore mermaids! –Peaches. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck a mermaid? Don’t bother, it’s just not that interesting. In fact, it’s kind of impossible. Let’s face it, we’re shaped like fish down there; we are not […]

  21. 41469rnIgaL._SY300_

    Now Reading: Wicked Games

    07/10/2013 | Peaches

    Let’s talk about literature! Okay, maybe not Dickens, but how about a hot new erotic novel from Kelly Lawrence called Wicked Games. Lawrence has written a few shorter stories but this is her first full-length novel. It’s anything but amateur; this is a sexy and romantic tale written with a disciplined attention to detail. Very […]

  22. Erotica by Olivia London

    Time to Kill

    07/09/2013 | Olivia London

    Enjoy one of our free sexy stories by Olivia London. How to kill time? Perhaps with a bit of masturbation. . . June was an hour early for her therapy appointment, which wouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with obsessive compulsive behavior. She was forty-five minutes early last week; the only shelter she had been able to […]