Rope Basics: “Cat’s Paw” Knot Tutorial

Written by on 08/05/2013 in Kink/BDSM, Sex for Couples

Interested in trying out a little rope bondage? Want to tie someone up or be tied up but don’t know how to start? Have no fear: here is the first installment of our instructional guide to knots and ropework. Before you begin, make sure you read Anna Sky’s article on Five Ways to Have Safer Kinky Sex and figure out your safeword (or signal).

Once you get the hang of it, this is one of the easiest and fastest knots to tie. It works great for binding wrists or ankles. You can increase the number of loops in the knot to increase the pounds of pressure the knot can hold, or use a smaller number of loops to create a looser knot (great for beginners). This knot is called the “cat’s paw” because the loops forming the knot look like two cats’ paws held together.

Cat's paw knot step 1
Step 1: Start with a length of rope. Create a “U” shape in the rope and clasp either side.

Cat's paw knot step 2
Step 2: Begin twisting each side.

Cat's paw knot step 3
Step 3: Continue twisting either side of the rope around itself. Make 2 loops for a loose knot. Make 3 loops for the standard knot. Increase the number of loops up to 6 or 8 to make a firmer knot.

Cat's paw knot step 4
Step 4: Bring the two loops together and slip over your partners hand or feet (or a bed post or anything else!)

Cat's paw knot completed
Step 5: Grasp the two ends of the rope with one hand keeping them taut, and with the other hand push the loops up to tighten the knot. May take some wiggling to get it to look nice.

Untying the knot is pretty self-explanatory: loosen it in the opposite direction you tighten it; once you get some wiggle room, it comes apart really easily.

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