Sex in the Twilight Zone

Written by on 10/18/2013 in Erotica

Here’s some free erotica for Halloween–sex with tentacles!

free eroticaJuly flips open the guide, Rare Northwest Sightings, on sale for two bucks at the last place she and Moe got coffee. “The Loch Ness monster has been spotted around Puget Sound! Last seen in 1997 by an old mariner named Neville. The mariner went insane soon after.”

“Something about an albatross, was it?” Moe retorts in his best brogue. “My dear, just so you know, for every lie you tell, I’m going to make you come.”

July grins at his suggestion. “Then I’ll have to read you every lie here so you can make me spurt more and more and more. There is the giant squid–also a spurter–which I’ve heard is actually real, so he doesn’t count towards cunnilingus… there’s a seal that has arms, but I think that’s just been Photoshopped by teenagers. Here’s a UFO that was spotted by Port Angeles that looks a little like a Goodyear blimp with altered stadium lights shining on it.”

“You’re really going to get it from me soon. Mapquest says we’re two minutes away. I’m turning on my left blinker now, in expectation of the pounding to come.”

“Whoa, weird. There’s a creature listed here called a laminae that comes out of toilets and has thousands of eyes and is telepathic in knowing exactly what will bring people ecstasy. It says the last one was spotted in 1911, but they’ve included an artist’s rendering here, hmm, tentacles. . .”

“I’ll be your laminae tonight,” Moe whispers, twisting July’s nipple just like she likes it. He parks the car and kisses her hard on the mouth. She squeals, knowing that he is as excited to fuck her as she is about being fucked–slowly at first, and then hard enough to make even the newest bed crack and moan.

The minute she steps out of the car to the gravel path, he’s there to throw her over his shoulder like a sack of flour. She loves his strength–she is strong, but he is much stronger so that when he moves inside her, she can fully relax into his power. From over her shoulder she looks down at his jeans, his ass, and the ground.

Not able to do much else with her hand, she rubs her finger against his crack, saying, “Hey Moe, you ever had anything other than mundane bodily excretions or medical supplies inside your butt?”

“Nope. Nothing incoming there. Quid pro quo?” Moe answers shimmying uncomfortably.

“Quid pro quo not yet. Tell me, what do you think about it?”

“Well, I think I might kind of like it–a finger here or there, a tongue here or there. But I’d have to be worked up to it. Gentle does it.” She notices that the added weight of her body and the first chat they’ve had about anal sex causes him to fumble with the keys. Good. She likes it when he fumbles. She’s so into the way he touches her that she has dropped three cups, one bowl of soup, and a scoop of ice cream at the glide of his fingers across her crotch. His body is still so new to her and she wants to learn all the ways she might touch him to make him moan.

They finally cross through the door but she isn’t yet released. He holds her up and reaches his hand down her pants, around her asshole, and into her crotch, holding her still by moving his finger against her clit. She imagines they are like a completely electric battery circuit, with her hand stroking his hair and his hand on her clit.

“I want you now. You don’t need to eat dinner before I suck on your pussy–isn’t that true?”

“Uh huh,” she whispers, her body falling into his. He guides her off his shoulder but his fingers stay inside her. Once she’s down he falls to his knees, unzips her pants, pulls down her underwear, and starts licking.

She can’t focus completely but looks around: the rustic cabin is decorated with antique wooden and metal tools. It reminds her of her grandmother’s house and even has the same musty smell, which mingles with the sex that drips out of her. The only bed is a bunk bed, which is covered with decorative pillows on top and bottom. For sure somebody’s going to bump their head.

July reaches her other hand behind her and starts pulling the pillows off the bed onto the floor–she knows she’s not going to be able to stand up for long.

He starts tugging the blankets and pillows off, too, and soon he’s on top of her in 69, sucking her clit hard while she takes his cock deep into her mouth.

“Mmm, I didn’t ask for that but that feels good there, July,” he moans. She’s just kissing his cock like usual, but maybe he’s extra sensitive after all the teasing during the long car ride. She puts a hand around his balls and begins to rub at the seam where they meet his cock.

“Oh yeah. . . I’ve never had this done to me, that feels awesome.”

This gives her pause. She has fondled his balls numerous times without so much notice or cheers, she must be doing an especially awesome job with her fingers. She would comment and ask what it is he likes so much about her hands, but then she’d have to take his cock out of her throat and then he’d stop sucking on her clitoris like he is, and honestly, it isn’t that important in this moment.

“Careful! Wow!”

This jolts them both and she loosens her grip. She looks beyond his thighs to see something that looks translucent and wet just beyond them stretched out through the bars of the bunk bed.

“Moe–it’s uh–Moe, look, stop and–”

He lifts his head against the top bunk with a bang. He’ll be bruised tomorrow but that might not be their worst trouble. He rubs his head, and turns, and yelps. She’s never heard him yelp before and almost laughs to hear the tinnier register of his voice, but then looks, really looks behind her, yelps herself, and her head crashes straight up into his nutsack. He howls.

The thing behind them is shiny and wet, with tentacles like thick spaghetti and a body covered in lidless eyes. It looks at them and reaches with its tentacles. One of which has apparently just been inside Moe’s ass and has a little brown on it.

Moe grabs his clothes off the floor and reaches for hers.

“Moe, wait!” July says by the bed. “This is incredible! It’s that thing, that laminae or whatever! It’s for real and not just–”

“Get the fuck out. No, really. Let’s get the fuck out of here. That thing just butt-raped me?!”

“Yes, but you liked it.”

“Beside the point. That laminae thing is not a person and if it’s not a human being or something that has a plastic safety seal on it, I don’t want it in my ass.”

“Moe c’mon–this is amazing. We are the first to see this is a hundred years and the only reason that the laminae butt-raped you is that you wanted to be butt-raped while eating me out.”

Moe is pacing by the door and has put his briefs back on. He is as far as possible from the creature.

“I didn’t completely want that there–it was just all the talk and hey! It didn’t get my consent. I thought you said all kinky things should be done with explicit consent first, right?”

“Well, Moe, don’t be a sore-ass about it, the laminae talk through telepathy, just like the website said. Do you see a single mouth to ask for consent with on this thing? It only has suckers.”

Moe retreats in horror as the creature place one tentacle on her clit and start sucking. He knows she has been with other men, but a monster? He guesses he won’t have a hard on for a week. But then again…

“Yeah,” July exhales. The monster has a mucous-y tentacle stretched across both her nipples and there are now three tentacles near her crotch. Moe thinks he knows where the tentacles are, and there’s one where he’s never been.

“Moe, take off your pants and I’ll suck your cock. This… feels… incredible…”

His boner is back and now inside her hungry mouth. She is going through waves of pleasure and gets on her hands and knees so that he can see the tentacles moving in and out and across her orifices.

“I’m so glad you are open-minded,” she says in her cock-muffled voice.

He pushes away the tentacle that is swirling his asshole and says, “Not that open minded yet. But it can rub my back a little and rub you off.”

She starts to shiver and quake and her mind turns into a pane of glass that no thoughts can adhere to but many thoughts slide across: she is a woman, she is a sea-monster, she is a pussy, she is her asshole lit up with nerves, she is the cock that she holds in her mouth, she is coming hard, and now she is lying on the bed in Moe’s arms.

“I love you,” she whispers, the first coherent statement she can form.

“I’ll let you have my ass when the monster isn’t watching. I mean, I love you too, July.”

They lay there kissing, present with the love between them and seeing magnificent trails behind the darkness of their closed eyes that seem as if a thousand fireworks had been lit at once and are now just leaving trailing sparks through the sky. There is no need to plan for anything else to happen this vacation, but she is sure that she will get to know Moe much better with the help of the sea creature. Or maybe she has become the sea creature, the one that finds ecstasy and opens orifices that were previously shut.

But these thoughts are too deep for now. She hears the breathing of his sleep and starts to drift away herself.

The laminae, having served its purpose, has slipped into the bathroom. It slides one tentacle after another into the toilet and uses the other tentacle to flush itself down into the sewer system, where all harbingers of ecstasy eventually return.

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