Showing Skin This Summer, a Step-by-Step Approach

Written by on 06/12/2013 in Inspiration, Style

The body you have now is your bikini bodyI am biting my nails, dreading the day when I have to step out in public wearing my little white bikini. I still have my winter body! You know, the one with pale pallid skin, wobbly calves, and a little extra around the middle. I look forward to everything about summer, but some years it’s scary reminding everyone what your body really looks like underneath all those sweaters, scarves and clever layering. So I ease into it like I’m about to get in the water for the first time. First your toe, then foot, then to your knees, then wade up to your waist, then you hold your arms up until the very last moment when you finally jump in! I like to start out the season of summer fashion similarly.

Step one: Showing little bits of skin here and there, ease yourself into a more showy wardrobe. Shoulders are a great place to start. It’s sexy to see your neck join up with what’s below it, and shoulders look alluring whether your tummy is tight and flat or feels more like your pillow. Try cold-shoulder, wide-neck, or halter tops. Ankles are also great for testing the waters. A pair of capris or a mid-length high-low skirt will do the trick!

Enjoy the air on your skin. Let it breathe, and take a deep breath if you start to feel like you need a cardigan covering those bare shoulders. You look awesome. Believe it.

Step two: Cleavage and thighs. Your boobs always look great. They are two round globes of pure sex, and every pair is unique! So wear them with pride in a sweetheart or plunging neckline (use double-sided fashion tape to avoid mishaps). You still have those womanly curves, the ones you don’t want to give up for a defined lower tummy. So show off that shape with a jersey, hip-loving, waist-hugging dress!

Step three: Show off your tummy. Even if it’s July and you still haven’t even started your “bikini body workout regimen” yet, find a sexy cropped tank to wear under a sheer mesh blouse. It’s a great way to let your midriff out to play without feeling like everyone is staring at all those beautiful, trendy cupcakes that are still hanging out on your hips.

And the destination: Bare it all! Don’t be afraid to show any part of your body you want (as long as you won’t get arrested for it). And add fun heels if you’re really daring.

Take on that bikini day like you’ve been looking forward to it all year! The only difference between your “winter body” and your “summer body” is how you feel about the way you look. So jump into summer with all the confidence you can muster, and let those skin-bearing clothes have their moment! Confidence looks great on you!

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