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  1. cougar erotica

    Cougar: Shaken, not Stirred

    03/07/2015 | Peaches

    She found him shaking the silver shaker with a furious, concentrated expression. Slick black hair, cold blue eyes and a little bow mouth. His figure, in a white dress shirt, bow tie and trousers, was young and trim. No Chippendale by any means, but she was still curious to see the curve of his stomach […]

  2. MILF erotica

    Just Getting Started

    08/08/2013 | S. M. Bryson

    Tori stood in line at the local market with her cart full of groceries. The lines were long this evening. She didn’t mind. Her eyes were glued to the young bagger at the end of her checkout lane. Were she to admit it to herself, her heart was pounding in anticipation. Jake had bagged her […]