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  1. sex toys

    Using Sex Toys with Your Partner

    10/04/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Sex toys for girls are de rigeur. Ever since Carrie from Sex and the City extolled the virtues of the Rampant Rabbit every modern girl is pretty much expected to own a vibrator. And though sex toys for straight guys are increasing in popularity, many men still feel slightly uncomfortable about the idea. Which seems […]

  2. Nipple clamps

    How to Talk Dirty

    06/21/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    We hear a lot about how men are primarily turned on by visuals and women by fantasy and tactile stimulation. . . but his ears (and yours) are erogenous zones too. I’m not talking about nibbling or fondling them, though this can be very nice, but talking to each other. I’ve never met a man […]

  3. 3887731

    His Fantasies May Surprise You

    06/03/2013 | Peaches

    Let’s talk about men and their fantasies. Have you ever dated someone who confessed to his secret sexual fantasy and both of you were surprised that you were fine with it? If you haven’t, let’s assume it’s either because you’re not asking about his fantasies, or he wants serious kink and you’d rather not go […]

  4. Role play with your lover

    Let’s Play Dress Up!

    05/31/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    I love dressing up. Most of us do, whether it’s for a party, a holiday. . . or in the bedroom. As an adult actress, I’ve played a naughty eighteenth century maid, a sexy elf (complete with wings) and even a nun (don’t ask). As well as being a giggle, it gave me a love […]

  5. 3504208

    My Journey Into BDSM

    05/30/2013 | Anna Sky

    You may see Stephen and me at a dinner party, laughing and joking along with everyone else. I’m the loud one, have probably had more to drink, leaning in to be part of it all. He sits more quietly, drinking, observing, only joining in when he has something to say. You’ll see him glancing at […]

  6. BDSM advice

    50 Shades of Play: Make a BDSM Wish List

    05/13/2013 | Euphoria Welty

    The runaway blockbusters of the last few years have put a spotlight on power play in the bedroom. Which, in and of itself, is fantastic. It’s a fantasy realm with so many possibilities. But all forms of power playing, from a giggling adventure with fur handcuffs and an ostrich feather, to the disciplined levels of […]

  7. shock-him

    Blow His Mind

    05/08/2013 | Faye With a Knee

    We’ve all been out on the town with our significant others when suddenly our worst nightmare is walking by in four inch heels. . . the gorgeous bombshell. She’s totally his type and you know he’s looking. HE knows he’s looking, but is hoping that you somehow missed the girl and the glances. Most of […]

  8. fiona4_WEB

    What She Owed Him, Part Four

    05/07/2013 | Olivia London

    This is the second-to-last chapter in Olivia London’s sexy story. Fiona waited. And waited. She was tempted to masturbate but she could imagine her lover’s ire if he walked in on unsanctioned wanton self-pleasuring. No, that’s not what a good sub does. She closed her eyes and replayed what had just transpired in the living room. Was that […]

  9. Erotica by Olivia London

    Just Say Yes (Erotica)

    04/23/2013 | Olivia London

    This new free sexy story by Olivia London has a fun twist that may inspire your next date night. To Aidan, the blond woman in the low-cut sexy black dress was the only dame worth checking out at this lousy office party. And a dame worth looking at was worth having, in his book. Her […]

  10. Erotica by Olivia London

    What She Owed Him, Part Three

    04/11/2013 | Olivia London

    No matter what he asked of her, Fiona liked who she was when she obeyed Kevin’s commands (or ukases as he liked to call them). Fi had a feeling Kev needed to contextualize their new roles somehow lest he feel like a jerk. He had been raised right by a strong, impressive woman and as […]

  11. Erotica by Olivia London

    What She Owed Him, Part Two

    03/27/2013 | Olivia London

    If you missed it, here’s the link to Part One of this free erotica series. “Sure, handsome. There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about anyway, and we need to have a rational conversation about this sans alcohol.” She went rummaging around for a T-shirt and sweats–her favorite time for a talk clothes–when […]

  12. safe kinky sex

    Five Ways to Have Safer Kinky Sex

    03/26/2013 | Anna Sky

    I love a good bit of kinky sex in my life, whether it’s an over-the-knee spanking, being tied to the bed and teased, or whatever else Stephen has in mind for me. We’ve been together a long time, but even now we follow these guidelines to make sure what we’re doing is safe and we […]

  13. 2252666


    03/18/2013 | Anna Sky

    I look with fascination in the mirror at the light bruises on my bottom. I finger them lightly, running my fingertips over the imprint of your fingertips, and remember with a smile how they’d got there. We’d been play fighting the night before, me straddled over you on the bed, tickling you whilst you told […]

  14. red shoes


    03/12/2013 | M. Elizabeth Wolfe

    We were waiting in line at a high-end restaurant, my silky red dress shimmering in the soft lights—with my shoulders pressed back and my spine making a perfect curve. In daring red heels to match the flare of my dress, I stood tall beside you. Slowly, you pressed your hand into the small of my […]

  15. Erotica by Olivia London

    What She Owed Him

    03/08/2013 | Olivia London

    Five years ago, if anyone had told Fiona Mills she’d give her heart to a man wholly, completely and without even a fleck of remorse she would have laughed until the freckles floated off the bridge of her nose. In art school, she was the kind of girl who painted her fingernails black and had […]

  16. 3873467

    Call Me

    02/21/2013 | Jillian Boyd

    My fingers tremble so hard, I key in the wrong number and nearly call my aunt Janet. Good thing I realized it in time. I don’t think she’d want to hear how much I’d love to have my boyfriend’s cock between my lips. . .

  17. 1558597

    Make Laundry Fun: Take Off Your Pants

    02/05/2013 | That Clever Chick

    Housework gone bad. . . in the best kind of way. “Baby!” I called at the top of my lungs, for the third time. “What?” I heard distantly, from somewhere across the apartment. “Do you need any clothes washed? I’m putting a load in.” “What?” I groaned, and set down the laundry I was sorting. […]