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    Witchcraft, Cheating, Horny Teens, and Shame

    06/22/2017 | Peaches

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about witchcraft. And, seemingly separately, about shame. Back story: high school in the late 90s, paganism and Wicca were having a moment. My girlfriends were very… tribal. I didn’t notice at the time but apparently our bisexual and lesbian tendencies were considered a bit challenging to parents and classmates. […]

  2. Fried chicken drumstick in isolated white background

    The Drumstick

    02/24/2017 | Peaches

    The joy and curse of being a woman: being at a cafe or bar alone and realizing you are the most tempting and delightful drumstick at an understocked buffet. You notice in your peripheral vision the classic signs: licking lips, drool wiped from jaws, throats clearing. One gaze in particular is usually strongest, and it’s […]

  3. Battle of the Sexes 2016: Tinder Can’t Help Us Now

    08/05/2016 | Peaches

    I’ve learned not to use the phrase “Let me know” with a man. For example you might find yourself texting a guy, “Let me know when you want to come over.” In my mind, this means, “Let me know in the next day or so, when you’ve decided in advance, when you plan on coming […]

  4. Funny stories about sex

    Lisp Dollar Bill

    09/25/2013 | Electrik Kiss

    Electrik Kiss reveals all in her brutally honest and often funny stories about her sex life. This is excerpted from the upcoming and definitely not-PC novel, It’s Not My Fault: Sacrifice & Submission. After another one of the most-boring-mornings-ever, working in a ghost town of a hair salon, I wandered down the street to the […]

  5. Jake Uitti

    Slept Together

    07/08/2013 | Jake Uitti

    You’ve been in bed with someone. You know the close feeling of bare skin touching warmly bare skin. You know the embrace when you think to yourself, or even say aloud, that you could never have imagined how two bodies could fit together so well. It seems to validate every notion you’ve had of love. […]

  6. Mojo building rituals

    Make Your Bed

    07/02/2013 | Peaches

    I once dated a man who said he’d bought a new set of sheets shortly before he met me. He said that he’d hoped that if he made his bed nice, he might find a nice woman in it. Although his penchant for yelling at cab drivers and shaming meat eaters eventually drove us apart, […]

  7. Intimacy

    Intimacy, or, to Ruffle the Feathers Lovingly

    06/24/2013 | Peaches

    Kevin Kline: To kiss a prostitute, it costs more. Meg Ryan: That makes sense. A kiss is so intimate. You could probably disconnect from everything else, but a kiss… Two people’s lips together, their breath, a little bit of their soul. (Stops). All I mean is that a kiss is where the romance is. –French […]

  8. The Vegetarian Dating Conundrum

    You Say Salad, I Say Steak (A Vegetarian’s Dating Conundrum)

    06/11/2013 | Jake Uitti

    My girlfriend and I took a trip to the Space Needle’s restaurant recently. We’d been given a gift certificate for $200, so we planned to SPLURGE! We even dressed up for the night, her in a cute black strapless dress, me in a purple button-down, pink tie and jacket. It would seem that sitting down […]

  9. Essay by Jake Uitti

    Not in the Mood

    05/28/2013 | Jake Uitti

    We were standing on the street by her apartment building. It was Christmas night and we’d just come from a friend’s party. We’d been dating for a month or so, and I thought everything was going well. “Hey,” I said. “I’m not into labels, or whatever, and the whole ‘boyfriend,’ ‘girlfriend,’ thing we can figure […]

  10. Dating from the male perspective

    About That Duct Tape. . .

    05/14/2013 | Jake Uitti

    Thoughts and experiences from a guy who has dated, argued with, loved, been embarrassed by, failed, offered joy to, and danced with women. I want to inspect what it is that is confounding, interesting and lovely about my relationship to women. . . and what shade of pink is that? –Jake Uitti I recently started […]

  11. Sex tips and sex advice

    Teach Him How to Touch You

    05/10/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    One of the biggest complaints I hear from women is that their partner’s method of giving you a hand job leaves a lot to be desired. He’s either not pushing your buttons in the right way, or failing to find them at all. Unfortunately many of us, rather than taking steps to address it, pretend […]

  12. shock-him

    Blow His Mind

    05/08/2013 | Faye With a Knee

    We’ve all been out on the town with our significant others when suddenly our worst nightmare is walking by in four inch heels. . . the gorgeous bombshell. She’s totally his type and you know he’s looking. HE knows he’s looking, but is hoping that you somehow missed the girl and the glances. Most of […]

  13. Relationship advice

    How to Talk to Your Guy

    05/03/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    If you want your man to treat you like a princess, you need to start acting like one. And I’m not referring to having diva strops and being scared to do any hard work in case you break a nail. That’s not a princess, that’s a brat. What I mean is: don’t take any shit. […]

  14. A guide to men

    Scarlett’s Brief Guide to Blokes

    04/26/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    As you may have noticed, we’re spending each Friday with Scarlett Ryan, a former adult actress and writer (and yes, she is English). This week she shares her personal viewpoints on various types of lovers. I love a good debate and heartily disagree with her opinion on Jokers, having found a few clownish personalities surprisingly […]

  15. Gaston

    Who’s Your Villain?

    03/25/2013 | Peaches

    Most of us grew up with Disney movies involving princesses, wicked witches and singing rodents. And most of us take issue with what passive little ninnies those princesses tended to be. The same goes for action movies wherein the hero proves his manliness by rescuing some chick. Whether the story is for a girl or […]

  16. tumblr_la9zysTQ6T1qcigy3o1_1280

    Restoring the Lost Art of Being a Good Lover

    03/20/2013 | Peaches

    Like Wesley in Princess Bride, who spent years building up an immunity to iocaine powder, I’ve spent the past few years developing the ability to cheerfully and honestly have no-strings-attached sex and still be friends with that person later. I’m not talking about hookup sex or one night stands, which in my experience tends to […]

  17. red shoes


    03/12/2013 | M. Elizabeth Wolfe

    We were waiting in line at a high-end restaurant, my silky red dress shimmering in the soft lights—with my shoulders pressed back and my spine making a perfect curve. In daring red heels to match the flare of my dress, I stood tall beside you. Slowly, you pressed your hand into the small of my […]

  18. flirt-with-me

    Free Desktop Wallpaper: Tell Me All About Yourself

    03/05/2013 | Rosie Battiloro

    Free wallpaper for your computer, smartphone or tablet, only on Peaches Mag. Ain’t he cute?

  19. 3468148

    Real Life vs. a Lush, Erotic and Rewarding Fantasy World

    02/26/2013 | Olivia London

    If my heart belonged to a Russian fellow I suppose the men who populate my stories would slightly resemble Dr. Zhivago. As it happens, if you’re a black-haired male of Irish American descent and don’t get a hard-on when reading one of my stories. . . you might want to check your pulse.

  20. 5186034

    How Sexy is Safe?

    02/19/2013 | Olivia London

    My female characters have a fetish for fellatio. I can’t imagine my characters looping their tongues round sheathed erections and I shouldn’t have to: they’re fictive.