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  1. Battle of the Sexes 2016: Tinder Can’t Help Us Now

    08/05/2016 | Peaches

    I’ve learned not to use the phrase “Let me know” with a man. For example you might find yourself texting a guy, “Let me know when you want to come over.” In my mind, this means, “Let me know in the next day or so, when you’ve decided in advance, when you plan on coming […]

  2. Miranda from "Sex and the City"

    Lybrido and the Miranda Moment

    06/04/2013 | Peaches

    Whilst waiting for several exciting articles to wend their way to my inbox and thus to share with you, I am doing something I try not to do–write two articles in one week. After all, there’s a world of interesting women out there, why would you want to listen to just moi? However, there’s always […]

  3. Magic Mike

    Why It’s Okay To Not Be “Fun”

    04/18/2013 | Peaches

    As a writer of naughty stories I am on the very outer ring of the planetary system that is public female sexuality, with women who take their clothes off onstage being in the center, models, singers and actresses closely orbiting them, and those of us who only assist others in imagining sexual activity as the […]