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    Now Reading: Wicked Games

    07/10/2013 | Peaches

    Let’s talk about literature! Okay, maybe not Dickens, but how about a hot new erotic novel from Kelly Lawrence called Wicked Games. Lawrence has written a few shorter stories but this is her first full-length novel. It’s anything but amateur; this is a sexy and romantic tale written with a disciplined attention to detail. Very […]

  2. soulless

    Steamy to Steampunk: Five Juicy Reads

    03/13/2013 | Tracy Kaply

    The other day I was browsing through my Kindle, a task I try to do every month, so I can clear out the books I have already finished. That way I can easily find the new stuff. An electronic To Be Read list, if you will. So I was extremely prepared when I was asked […]

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    Real Life vs. a Lush, Erotic and Rewarding Fantasy World

    02/26/2013 | Olivia London

    If my heart belonged to a Russian fellow I suppose the men who populate my stories would slightly resemble Dr. Zhivago. As it happens, if you’re a black-haired male of Irish American descent and don’t get a hard-on when reading one of my stories. . . you might want to check your pulse.