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  1. Negotation and Consent in Kinky Sex

    Negotiation and Consent in Kinky Sex

    07/03/2013 | Stella Harris

    In my experience, one of the biggest differences between the kink and vanilla worlds are the different approaches to negotiation and consent. In a way, whether or not something is kinky can come down to what you label it. Is having your hair pulled kinky or is it just rough sex? Or maybe you don’t […]

  2. safe kinky sex

    Five Ways to Have Safer Kinky Sex

    03/26/2013 | Anna Sky

    I love a good bit of kinky sex in my life, whether it’s an over-the-knee spanking, being tied to the bed and teased, or whatever else Stephen has in mind for me. We’ve been together a long time, but even now we follow these guidelines to make sure what we’re doing is safe and we […]

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    Restoring the Lost Art of Being a Good Lover

    03/20/2013 | Peaches

    Like Wesley in Princess Bride, who spent years building up an immunity to iocaine powder, I’ve spent the past few years developing the ability to cheerfully and honestly have no-strings-attached sex and still be friends with that person later. I’m not talking about hookup sex or one night stands, which in my experience tends to […]

  4. 5186034

    How Sexy is Safe?

    02/19/2013 | Olivia London

    My female characters have a fetish for fellatio. I can’t imagine my characters looping their tongues round sheathed erections and I shouldn’t have to: they’re fictive.