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  1. Does the size of his cock matter?

    Does His Size Matter?

    09/27/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Does it? As much as we try to reassure our men it doesn’t, I’m still a bit unsure about this one. Having slept with some rather well-endowed male performers, there’s no doubt that a big willy can be a big turn on, if only because of the idea of it. In practical terms, there’s nothing […]

  2. Sex tips from Scarlett Ryan

    Find your Best Angles–Sex Positions to Make You Go Oooh!

    04/05/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    Having worked in adult films, I’ve picked up a few tips when it comes to sex positions, but the most important has nothing to do with technique or camera angles. Instead the best piece of advice I can give you when it comes to positions is this: forget about what looks good, and concentrate on […]