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  1. cougar erotica

    Cougar: Shaken, not Stirred

    03/07/2015 | Peaches

    She found him shaking the silver shaker with a furious, concentrated expression. Slick black hair, cold blue eyes and a little bow mouth. His figure, in a white dress shirt, bow tie and trousers, was young and trim. No Chippendale by any means, but she was still curious to see the curve of his stomach […]

  2. free sexy story by Katherine Pace

    Peppermint Stick

    12/10/2013 | Katherine Pace

    While not exactly erotica, Ms. Pace’s sexy story about holiday masturbation is still. . . stimulating. You may never look at Christmas candy the same way. Lots of love this holiday season, Peaches Each Christmas, my family gathered at our house to eat and exchange gifts. My parents liked to host but not to cook, […]

  3. write erotica with Kelly Lawrence

    Write Erotica for NaNoWriMo

    11/12/2013 | Kelly Lawrence

    Thinking of taking part in NaNoWriMo? If you’re a fan of the stories in Peaches Magazine and erotic romance in general then chances are your story will have some sexy scenes. Although these are great fun to write, they can also be notoriously difficult, even for otherwise bestselling authors. If you don’t believe me. . […]

  4. free erotica

    Sex in the Twilight Zone

    10/18/2013 | Fay Luce

    Here’s some free erotica for Halloween–sex with tentacles! July flips open the guide, Rare Northwest Sightings, on sale for two bucks at the last place she and Moe got coffee. “The Loch Ness monster has been spotted around Puget Sound! Last seen in 1997 by an old mariner named Neville. The mariner went insane soon […]

  5. a sexy story by Kelly Lawrence

    A Different Type of Demon

    10/02/2013 | Kelly Lawrence

    A new erotic story by Kelly Lawrence about a demon lover, just in time for Halloween. Leandra glanced at the bubbling cauldron in front of her, checked that her protection wards were firm and took a deep breath. If she couldn’t master the art of demon summoning before next week’s Finals she would never pass […]

  6. free erotica

    I’ve Got It From Here (Erotica)

    09/18/2013 | Janice Leon

    “I don’t eat pussy,” he tells me, like he’s at a restaurant commenting on the menu and not perched between my legs, wrapped around me on his bed.   He looks up at me expectantly, and I can only nod a hesitant okay. What else can I do? So I nod, and stay silent, trying […]

  7. Erotica by Olivia London

    Careful What You Wish For, Part 1

    09/03/2013 | Olivia London

    Part One Erotica by Olivia London It all started with a massage. How could something that feels so good cause so much trouble? A former caterer, Joy was enjoying her far more manageable life teaching culinary classes and writing for food blogs. One reason she had to sell her business was out of a weary […]

  8. Erotica about spanking by Olivia London

    The Bend-Over Bar

    08/20/2013 | Olivia London

    Gillian took another bite of ricotta-stuffed pasta before dampening the delectable morsel with what she hoped would be her last glass of Bordeaux. It was always tempting to capitulate to a second bottle–especially when a vendor or business associate offered to treat–but she was determined to walk out of the meeting level-headed. Her real treat […]

  9. 2703381

    The Marquis Returns

    08/14/2013 | Amanda Roberts

    An imaginative and hot piece of historical erotica set during the Han Dynasty. Lady Dai winced as the maid unwrapped her bindings. The daily ritual that had been part of her life for over thirty years still caused her pain. Lady Dai looked at the tiny, deformed feet as the maid gently rinsed them, clipped […]

  10. Alice in Wonderland Erotica

    Club Wonderland

    08/12/2013 | Kelly Lawrence

    A sexy re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland, this free erotica by Kelly Lawrence is sure to make you purr. “I can make you believe impossible things,” she said, and Alice could well believe that of her. The Red Queen they called her, mistress of the dark arts, priestess of Red Tantra, she who must be […]

  11. MILF erotica

    Just Getting Started

    08/08/2013 | S. M. Bryson

    Tori stood in line at the local market with her cart full of groceries. The lines were long this evening. She didn’t mind. Her eyes were glued to the young bagger at the end of her checkout lane. Were she to admit it to herself, her heart was pounding in anticipation. Jake had bagged her […]

  12. Erotica by Kelly Lawrence


    08/06/2013 | Kelly Lawrence

    I never did know what to expect from him. I sat waiting for him with a nervous excitement that brought my nipples to stiff peaks under the red satin of my dress. I wanted to touch myself, but knew he would know, and I would be punished. I hadn’t expected the length of black silk […]

  13. Erotica the morning after

    Have to Wait

    08/01/2013 | Sophia Beauchene

    A free sexy story by newcomer Sophia Beauchene. Sometimes the morning after can be even better. . . Helen opened her eyes. It was daylight at last–a faint grey outline of things, a pale white glow at the edges of the curtain. She tried to move, but it was no good; she was trapped firmly […]

  14. erotica for couples

    Getting Out of Bed

    07/29/2013 | Lady Astrid

    Salt water does not make a good lubricant, and neither does sand. So when my husband and I got the brilliant idea to sneak out of the cottage one night and have a quickie down at the shore, I was ill prepared. Ow, ow, ow, can you wipe that thing off before you put it […]

  15. Erotica by Olivia London

    The First Husband

    07/24/2013 | Olivia London

    Another delicious bit of erotica by Olivia London. Eat up! For two decades Moira had been a food maven, owning two catering outfits, a bar and a party events store. It was easy to focus on her career as she never could get the hang of dating. She hailed from a large brood, the youngest […]

  16. The Surrender by Toni Bentley

    Book Review of “The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir” by Toni Bentley

    07/23/2013 | Faye With a Knee

    Since her retirement from the New York City Ballet, Toni Bentley has gone on to author several books detailing her personal experience with dance, love and life. Her newest addition, The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir, is a humorous and honest look at one woman’s accidental discovery of spiritual enlightenment through a specific type of sexual […]

  17. Erotica about a dryer

    Spin Cycle

    07/22/2013 | Malin James

    A sexy new free erotica offering from Malin James. I have a fondness for dryers. Of all the major appliances, it is the only one I truly love. This is because I was sitting on a dryer when I had my first accidental orgasm. At first I didn’t know what happened. All I knew was […]

  18. Erotica by Olivia London

    Time to Kill

    07/09/2013 | Olivia London

    Enjoy one of our free sexy stories by Olivia London. How to kill time? Perhaps with a bit of masturbation. . . June was an hour early for her therapy appointment, which wouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with obsessive compulsive behavior. She was forty-five minutes early last week; the only shelter she had been able to […]

  19. Erotica about oral sex

    Erotic Flash Fiction: Stop!

    06/27/2013 | Lady Astrid

    Please don’t, I never let a guy go down on me, it’s too embarrassing, too personal, too vulnerable, and believe me I’ve had men ask, and sometimes they skip the asking and just start to slither down my body and I find myself oohing before I realize oh my god he’s almost down there and […]

  20. erotica about masturbation

    Unusual Medicine (erotica)

    06/20/2013 | S. M. Bryson

    One of our free sexy stories, this one about masturbation. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, almost as much as our heroine does. –Peaches June’s migraines were getting worse, in duration and in how much pain they caused her. After she tried all the over-the-counter remedies with no relief, her friends recommended sex as a cure-all […]