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  1. Labiaplasty

    My Vagina Will Not be Judged

    09/23/2013 | Jenn Marie

    The other night I stumbled across a documentary on the practice of plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the vagina. The Perfect Vagina is a British documentary starring a young mom who recently had a child and now questions her attractiveness. As a method of self-help, she decides to research what she feels is […]

  2. Vagina

    Me and My Vagina

    06/28/2013 | Scarlett Ryan

    I’ve just been reading Naomi Wolf’s Vagina. A “feminist self-help biography of the vagina,” it does sound a bit bonkers, I admit. I’m not even going to get into whether the science bits are accurate, because I’m not a scientist and I haven’t got a clue. What did strike a chord with me was the […]