The Marquis Returns

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An imaginative and hot piece of historical erotica set during the Han Dynasty.

Lady Dai winced as the maid unwrapped her bindings. The daily ritual that had been part of her life for over thirty years still caused her pain. Lady Dai looked at the tiny, deformed feet as the maid gently rinsed them, clipped her nails, and rubbed perfumed oils on them. She would never understand how her husband found such pleasure in them.

“Men always look at your feet, never your face,” her mother always said.

The thought of her husband made Lady Dai sigh. He would be returning any day, but she wished he would stay away longer. While he was away, Lady Dai was the highest ranking person in the household. Everyone was obliged to bend to her will. When he was home, though, everyone vied for his attention and affection. The children misbehaved, the servants dallied, and the concubines schemed against her. To see the household in such disarray made her lose so much face in his presence. Just the thought of the troubles in the household that would start cascading upon her shoulders when he arrived caused a rumble of anger to swell in her belly. She let her foot slip and kicked the maid in the face. The girl cried out and reached for her nose.

“Oh, shut up, stupid girl,” Lady Dai snapped. The girl nodded and began rewrapping her lady’s feet in long, red silk. The girl quickly scampered away when she finished. Lady Dai exited the sitting room and entered the large central courtyard. The sun was shining and everyone seemed calm and happy. Her two sons were playing with wooden swords, pretending to be their father, no doubt. Her daughter was sitting with her nanny looking into the pond at the golden kois who darted around under the lily pads. One maid was scrubbing the floor while another was splitting peas for dinner. Two of the concubines were working on their embroidery and talked in hushed voices. The peaceful scene did not match the growing storm Lady Dai felt in her mind.

She passed through the courtyard to her bedroom in the back and opened the doors and windows wide to let a cool breeze pass through. She went to her husband’s closet and chose some simple cotton clothes for him and laid them out on the foot of the bed. When he arrived, maybe he would want to simply wash himself, change clothes, and take a long rest. But that was only wishful thinking on her part. He only ever wanted one thing when he returned from a campaign. Lady Dai sat at her dressing table and made sure her hair was smooth and her makeup was perfect. For a woman of her age and to have borne three children she was still quite beautiful. Though, being a woman of means gave her the luxury of being beautiful. Her skin was as white as a Han could ask for, never having to spend a moment in the sun. Cloisonné combs and pearls adorned her hair. Charcoal pencils made her eyes look big and round. Red balm for her lips made them dark and plump. Her robes made of the finest silk could make even a slave look like a queen.

On the days her husband was home, she felt more like a slave.

“My lady!” one of the servants called, rousing Lady Dai from her thoughts, “The army is within sight. He will arrive any minute.”

“Make sure there is a fresh tub of hot water waiting for him,” Lady Dai demanded. “And make sure the children are ready to greet him.” The servant nodded and ran off. Lady Dai heard a trumpet in the distance announcing the return of the army. Her face flushed. She exited her bedroom to find her house in a sudden state of panic. The servants were running to and fro; the children were squealing with delight. Two male servants opened the front doors of the house to the street and everyone watched as men in armor on horseback galloped by. Finally, one of the horses stopped at their gate. A young man ran up and took the reins as a tall man descended from the horse.

The Marquis Dai entered his home. Even at a distance, Lady Dai felt a skip in her chest as she saw him. He removed his helmet and shook out his long black hair. He was indeed sweaty and dusty from his long ride, but he smiled nonetheless as his children ran up to greet him. In his powerful arms he picked up both of his sons with ease and happily hugged them. He put the boys down and gave his little daughter a gentle pat on the head. One of the concubines was waiting with a glass of wine to quench his thirst, which he drank down in one gulp.

Lady Dai hoped he would then turn to the kitchen to seek refreshment from his hard ride, but her heart sank as he caught eyes with her across the courtyard. She kneeled low as he approached. He reached down and grasped her chin with one hand, forcing her to look up at him.

“Lady Dai,” he said.

“Husband,” she replied. She turned and entered their bedroom and waited for him to follow. He watched the slow sway of her hips as she took each gentle step on her tiny feet. He entered the room and began to remove his armor as she closed the door and bolted it.

By the time she turned back around, he was already naked and his member was aroused. She walked over to stand by the bed. They had been through this many times, but she never seemed to be prepared for it. He walked over to her and pulled the pins from her hair so it fell down in long tendrils around her face. He caressed her cheeks and breathed in the scent of her skin. He began to undo her robe, starting with the little buttons that looped near her throat and working his way down her chest to the sash around her waist. He pulled the robe off of her, revealing her creamy white body. He laid the robe on the bed so it would not get soiled by touching the floor. He ran his fingers through her hair, following it until the ends delicately brushed past her nipples. He squeezed her breasts and ran his hands over her stomach. He did not shirk at the few stretch marks that decorated her abdomen from childbearing. He pulled her close so his rock-hard member could prod the cleft between her thighs and he ran his finger around her hips and buttocks. He rubbed her cheek with his and smelled the sweet scent of her skin.

He breathed harder and a small growl was building in his throat. Lady Dai knew it meant that he was about to attack. He looked deep into her eyes, then grabbed her arm and turned her around sharply. He put a hand on her shoulder and forced her to bend over. She felt a sharp pain as his hand met her backside. She gasped. He spanked her again; this time she moaned. She could feel the warmth from his hand on her bare flesh surge through her. The room was cool, but her whole body was heating up. Again his hand slapped against her skin and she began to breathe heavily. He nudged her feet further apart and gently touched her opening with his fingers. She wasn’t quite wet yet. He smiled.

“Why do you fight me today, Lady Dai?” he asked.

“I always fight you,” she replied. “Why is today the only time you notice?”

He laughed at her impetuousness and turned her to face him. He grabbed her around the waist and forced her back on the bed. She watched as he went down and lightly kissed her tiny feet which still wore delicately embroidered slippers. As rough as he liked to be with her, he was always gentle with her feet. She laid back on the bed and deeply breathed in the cool air. She then gasped as he began to kiss the soft hair between her legs. She instinctively spread her legs and moaned in anticipation. He used his tongue to tease her sensitive spot. It did not take long for her wetness to come.

He kissed her belly, her breasts, and her mouth as he climbed atop her. He began to ride her as skillfully as he did his horse. He grabbed her hands and pinned them over her head as he rocked her whole body in motion with his. She could no longer resist giving in to him and wrapped her legs around his thighs as he forced himself deeper into her. She arched her back to angle her pelvis so she could feel him deep inside in just the right way. She let out a sensual moan to urge him to go faster, gasping as she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. Her body felt the urge to relax, but he wasn’t quite through with her. He growled and groaned as he continued to take her and roared as he spilt himself into her.

He collapsed at her side and breathed deeply for several minutes. She reached out and found her robe and used it to cover her nakedness in the cool room. He finally stood up and put on the clean clothes she had laid out for him earlier. He left the room and headed to the kitchen where the warm bath and his concubines were waiting for him.

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