Time to Kill

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Enjoy one of our free sexy stories by Olivia London. How to kill time? Perhaps with a bit of masturbation. . .

Erotica by Olivia LondonJune was an hour early for her therapy appointment, which wouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with obsessive compulsive behavior. She was forty-five minutes early last week; the only shelter she had been able to find in the rain was a bus stop with a stingy plastic overhang. She had removed a book from her oversized tote bag and tried to look purposeful while driver after driver gave her quizzical looks. Since only one bus stopped there it was an odd place to just hang out.

Today, she decided to explore the area instead.

She placidly walked along a waterfront trail until she remembered she was in a park with hundreds of acres to choose from and nobody around.

She needed to masturbate. A good orgasm would calm her nerves and make her more gregarious, which meant more therapy for the buck.

June’s therapist’s name was Ginger but the sprightly redhead preferred being called Gloria, and June never bothered to ask why. June had spent more than half her life under the lee of various pseudonyms. Why be just you when you can be anybody you want? June and one of the Gs were the same age and the O/C client tried not to resent receiving advice from a contemporary. She also tried not to resent the way her therapist repeatedly glanced at a clock taller than a boot throughout the session. Really, June had been more generous with her own time when she worked in massage parlors.

She was getting hornier by the minute. The randy blonde had never pleasured herself outside the comfy environs of her bedroom but she was no stranger to risk. So what if someone caught her with her hands in her pants? No one talks to anyone in this town and certainly no one talks to park masturbators. She found a secluded bed of greenery, tossed down her jacket, and got to work. She could get off anywhere.

June came from a family that made dysfunctional families look good. Her brood simply didn’t function. Maybe that’s why she liked to fantasize about fellatio so much. While using her tongue to festoon her fantasy man’s penis she found a way to function that led to feeling wet, warm, and wanted.

For her past dozen onanistic forays, she has pictured a naked blonde waiting for her man to come home. This fantasy woman has entered a contract as a submissive. She is decidedly bustier than June. She has been naked all day just as her lover instructed. She has also been told her pussy must be moist with desire before even being allowed to give head.

She feels completely denuded sans underwear and she proffers up this bit of vulnerability as one more way of proving her love.

When her lover walks in he is wearing a suit and he removes only his jacket. He kisses her cheek and the press of his lips on her skin makes her knees buckle with want.

Of this she is sure: she will give him the best blow job ever.

He tells her that if she sucks his cock to his satisfaction, he may just fuck her later. This news sends her over the edge. Already the fluids of desire are coursing from her quim, tickling her inner thighs.

She wants to drop to her knees immediately but knows she must wait. It’s part of the game. The man loosens his tie but does not remove his shirt. He goes to the kitchen and when he returns his sub is curling her toes with anticipation. It’s the only movement she’s allowed before she has fulfilled her part of their contract. When they moved in together this is what they agreed on: she would greet her man naked at the door every day and serve him blow jobs on a silver platter. And if she was very, very good he would fuck her.

She is good. Very good. Transportive even, as she licks his balls and perineum before allowing her tongue to worship the tip of his penis. She kisses and coddles his bulb in prelude to genuflecting over his shaft, taking him in her mouth gradually until her lover gasps and hums with approval. She lives to hear that sharp intake of breath as her lips make love to his erection.

June steadfastly ground her fist into her own aching mound as she pictured the sub on all fours getting taken from behind. The sub has indeed pleased her man and is being rewarded with a glorious fuck. June tried not to be greedy but knew she could make herself come again and again by picturing the sub giving more BJs. She quickly ran through a repertoire–office fellatio, cocksucking in cars, and ducking beneath tables in fine restaurants–and was there. Another salvo of orgasms to make her day complete.

Damn, the time! June jumped up and brushed squiggles of grass off her jeans. She would make her appointment with a fraction of an hourglass to spare. Maybe she should make a ritual of getting off before therapy. After so much sex, she actually was in the mood to just sit and talk.

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